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What are Spark Meeting rooms?

by Community Manager ‎24-11-2016 05:00 PM - edited ‎20-12-2016 04:13 PM

Depending on the model, a Spark Room System™ can use up to 3 Mbps or 6 Mbps if available. In all cases, the system can use the minimum bandwidth level, as low as 64 Kbps, if the network is constrained.


Model or Series




Video and Content Quality






Up to 3 Mbps


720p30 for main video


1080p5 for content


SX20, SX80


MX series


Up to 6 Mbps


1080p30 for main video and content

For point-to-point calls, the room system sends 1080p30 if 2.2 Mbps is allocated. For multipoint calls, 3 Mbps is required to send 1080p30.