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Virtual Storage: billing

by Community Manager ‎25-05-2017 07:17 PM - edited ‎05-06-2017 03:44 PM

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How to use



When Telstra billing will begin

Charging for Virtual Storage begins once your Cloud Gateway connection to your virtual storage array(s) is active.


Your Telstra bill

You’ll receive a single bill for all cloud services purchased through a Telstra billing account. The single bill will have separate sections for Virtual Storage, Cloud Gateway and each additional cloud service purchased through Telstra.

Your Telstra bill will display your total Virtual Storage and Cloud Gateway charges in Australian dollars.


If you have multiple Telstra billing IDs, you can select the ID you want your Virtual Storage service charged to when you make your first purchase.


You’ll be billed for:

  • Minimum monthly fees on fixed plans or pay as you go, where fees are based on your monthly usage. If your usage is less than the monthly minimum, you’ll pay the minimum monthly fee. If your usage exceeds the minimum monthly fee you’ll pay for your actual usage.
  • Cloud Gateway services, including configuration, bandwidth and other fees.


Want to view your usage fees?

Usage for your current and previous billing months can be viewed under your Virtual Storage subscription in the Cloud Services Portal.


Note that the fees displayed here do not reflect any promotional or volume discounts – these will, however, be applied to your bill.


Usage for your current billing month is calculated as an average of your usage so far in this period and is displayed in near real-time. You can view your current actual usage in the NetApp portal.


Refer to your bill for precise total usage and fees owing. You must ensure that you pay the total shown on your bill.


Terms and conditions

Refer to Our Customer Terms.


Want to know more? Learn more about Virtual Storage, contact your Telstra representative or contact us on 1800 620 345.