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Virtual Server (Shared): how to manage your plan

by Community Manager on ‎25-06-2015 04:43 PM - edited on ‎01-12-2017 04:24 PM by Community Manager

Flexible virtual server plans

Our subscription and PAYG plans have been designed to give you the flexibility you need to quickly respond to market changes.

Use the resources in your subscription plan for part of the month

With our virtual server subscription plans you have a flexible combination of resources that you can use for the full month or just part of it – it depends on what you need.


For example, with the S plan you have up to 3,000 CPU-hours available during the month.

One CPU-hour represents a single CPU allocated to a powered on virtual server for one hour.

So, you can use these 3,000 CPU-hours on one or multiple servers during the full month. Like this:

1 virtual server x 4 CPUs x 750 hours* = 3,000 CPU-hours


2 virtual servers x 2 CPUs x 750 hours* = 3,000 CPU-hours

* Assuming there are 750 hours in one month

But let's say you have to run a project that will require more CPU-hours for the first half of the month.

You can adjust your resources to suit your needs and run:

1 virtual server x 8 CPUs x 375 hours* = 3,000 CPU-hours


2 virtual servers x 4 CPUs x 375 hours* = 3,000 CPU-hours


4 virtual servers x 2 CPUs x 375 hours* = 3,000 CPU-hours

*Assuming there are 375 hours in one month

What if you need more CPU-hours for the second half of the month? If you go over your plan you'll only pay competitive additional usage fees calculated on an hourly basis.


A similar concept applies for the other resources available in our subscription plans, such us RAM, storage, and public IP addresses.


How to upgrade, downgrade or stop services

Need more resources? Contact us to upgrade to the next subscription plan at any time.


If you upgrade or downgrade your plan part way through the current billing period, the changes will take effect from the start of your next monthly billing cycle. You'll continue to have access to your existing plan's resources until your new plan is active. You'll be charged the new plan's monthly subscription fee from the beginning of your next monthly billing cycle.


If you cancel a plan, the cancellation will take effect immediately and your subscription fees and virtual server resource allowances will be prorated accordingly. Your current service will only be charged up until the point at which the cancellation was requested.


You can also contact us to change from a subscription plan to the PAYG plan, downgrade or stop services.


How add-ons and extra services work with your plan

Our subscription and PAYG plans offer flexible combinations of virtual server resources. Any additional network and security add-ons, applications or extra services are charged separately.

In our subscription plans you have the option to request extra storage or internet usage while signing up online, or at a later date if required. In our PAYG plan you pay for these resources as you use them.


Get charged for cloud services on your Telstra bill

Your cloud solution will be conveniently billed to your existing Telstra billing account.

If you have multiple billing IDs linked to your account, you'll have the flexibility to select the ID you want these services to get charged to.

If you're not a Telstra customer, contact us to register your interest.