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Virtual Server (Shared): how to manage your cloud solution

by Community Manager on ‎25-06-2015 04:43 PM - edited on ‎08-01-2018 04:20 PM by Community Manager

Our Telstra Cloud Services customers get secure access to the online management console.

Create, remove and configure virtual servers, monitor usage and request extra services and products – all online.


View and manage your cloud solution

The management console gives you visibility and control of your virtual servers and networks.

View your virtual server usage, adjust resources to suit your business needs and request extra network and security services.


Visibility and control

Once you login to the management console, you'll instantly see a summary status of your virtual servers.

With just one click, you can automatically power on and off, as well as suspend and restart your virtual servers.

You also have full visibility of the number of CPU, RAM and storage associated with your individual virtual servers, their IP addresses, as well as backup and operating system configuration.

Want to control usage? The console has a reporting functionality that lets you see how many hours you've used during the month and compare it with your plan.


Add to your cloud solution

Add virtual servers to your cloud solution at any time. As part of the set up, specify each virtual server's configuration and unique descriptive name. Choose from a range of applications we can install for you.

There's a number of add-on resources that can be requested through the management console, including:

  • Data import
  • Firewalls
  • Load balancers
  • Telstra Next IP® network connection / Global IP VPN network connection
  • IPsec VPN
  • SMTP mail relay

Import your data to the cloud

Our data import service can be used to transfer large amounts of data onto your virtual servers.

Request the data import service through the management console, and we'll send you a secure storage device. Load data from your current network to the device and send it back to us.

We'll scan and connect your device to the cloud. You can then quickly and easily upload the data yourself.

Our data import service is only available to customers based in Australia

Learn more


Access your cloud remotely

System administrators have the option to securely access and administer virtual servers using Telstra's SSL virtual private network connectivity.

SSL VPN technology is a secure client-to-site network tunnel to remotely administer your cloud solution.


Add more network and security products

We have a range of network and security products and price-competitive applications available for you to complete your cloud solution.

Our world-class Telstra Next IP® network, IPsec VPN secure network tunnels, the vulnerability discovery security service, SMTP mail relay and internet protection are some of the add-ons available.

Request and configure add-ons through the management console.

Internet protection and Vulnerability Discovery are only available to customers based in Australia.


Need more technical information?

We offer a number of possibilities to configure and adjust your cloud solutions – no matter how many resources, networks, products or applications you may need.


Go to our Virtual Server (Shared) technical specifications or the Virtual Server (Dedicated) Gen2 technical specifications page to learn more about the flexible specifications and configurations available to successfully manage your ICT in the cloud.


Contact us if you need further technical help.