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VMware vCloud® Air™: network connections

by Community Manager on ‎30-03-2015 10:03 AM - edited on ‎29-06-2016 02:19 PM by Community Manager

Your service includes access to secure, online management tools:

For more information about these online management tools, refer to the vCloud how to use knowledge article.


For guidelines specific to Cloud Gateway, refer to the Cloud Gateway knowledge articles.


For more detailed technical information, refer to the vCloud Air Support Center and the vCloud Air User’s Guide.


Establish secure access to your vCloud Air services 

You can connect to vCloud Air services through the internet, through a secure Cloud Gateway or through other connection options that may be offered by our technology partners.


Telstra IP network services and Cloud Gateway connections to vCloud™ Air are only available to Telstra customers based in Australia and connecting to Australian data centres. A Telstra IP network service must be pre-established before it can be connected.


Cloud Gateway connection to VMware® vCloud™ Air can be configured to connect your premises to a range of cloud platforms.


You need to buy the vCloud Air add-on service which will allow your Cloud Gateway connection to vCloud™ Air service to communicate directly from your Telstra IP network service to a vCloud Air instance hosted in Telstra’s local data centres.


Cloud Gateway connection VMware® vCloud Air service 

Each compute or workload IP subnet you wish to create on your vCloud Air Edge Gateway needs to be advertised into your Telstra IP network service by Telstra. When you set up your Cloud Gateway connection to vCloud™ Air service, you can specify up to 10 vCloud Air  compute IP subnets. These will be advertised into your IP network service by Telstra, enabling connectivity between devices on your Telstra IP network service and virtual machines hosted in vCloud Air using your private addressing scheme. It’s important to ensure that the network ranges you nominate are not in use elsewhere in your network.


How to initiate a Cloud Gateway connection to your VMware® vCloud Air service 



1. Complete the initial purchase of your vCloud Air service

You can only order a Telstra IP network service once your vCloud Air service has been activated.

2. Start with a Telstra IP network service

If you don’t currently have a Telstra IP network service, contact your Telstra representative or call 1300 835 787 to find out more.

3. Purchase your vCloud Air Direct Connect add-on

You’ll need a vCloud Air Direct Connect port. If you don’t have one, please order the Direct Connect add-on from Telstra Cloud Services Portal.


All the networks in your selected vCloud Air service can be advertised to your Telstra IP network service.

4. Purchase Cloud Gateway


Select ‘Cloud Gateway’ on the homepage of the Cloud Services Store.


Once you have access to the Cloud Gateway management console, refer to the knowledge article on how to purchase Cloud Gateway

5. Add a Cloud Gateway connection to vCloud Air

Once your Cloud Gateway has been provisioned, you’ll be able to add a Cloud Gateway connection.


Refer to the knowledge article on adding Cloud Gateway connections.


While adding your Cloud Gateway connection to vCloud Air, you will need to:


  • Know your VMware service ID. This can be found in the VMware vCloud Air Web Console
  • Specify an IP subnet for your Cloud Gateway connection and at least one compute IP subnet (these are the networks where the virtual machines are located)
  • Ensure that neither your IP subnet nor compute IP subnet are used elsewhere in your Telstra IP network service

Your Cloud Gateway connection to vCloud Air must be a valid /29 IPv4 networking address. This IP subnet (also known as Edge Gateway IP address) is permanent and not configurable and is the IP address to connect the IP network through to vCloud Air service.


Telstra will allocate the IP addresses within the /29 IP subnet you nominate, perform some work to set up the connection and pass the configuration information to VMware.


You can configure up to 10 compute IP subnets on the initial form. If you add compute IP subnets to your vCloud Air service after submitting your request for a Cloud Gateway connection to vCloud Air, you’ll need to call us on 1800 620 345 to make them accessible to your Telstra IP network service.


VMware’s Client Success Team will contact you to help configure the interconnect and compute subnets on your vCloud Air Edge Gateway. 


6. Configure access

Use the vCloud Air Web Console, configure firewalls and security groups to control access to your service. See the vCloud Air Networking Guide for details.


After you submit your order

Once completed, we’ll email you to let you know it’s ready. It can take up to 11 days to set up this connection.


Once your Cloud Gateway connection to vCloud Air has been set up, there’ll be a few more steps you need to take to finalise configuration. We’ll email you to explain how.