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VMware vCloud® Air™: how to use

by Community Manager ‎30-03-2015 09:49 AM - edited ‎08-07-2015 02:38 PM

This article contains information on:


Online Management Tools

Your service includes access to secure, online management tools – the vCloud Air Web Console and the My VMware Portal.


You can use these tools to:

  • Establish secure access to your vCloud Air infrastructure services
  • Manage user roles and permissions
  • View and manage Subscription Purchasing Program (SPP) Fund Balances
  • Redeem SPP credits for a variety of Subscription and On Demand services

For more detailed technical information, refer to the vCloud Air Support Center and the vCloud Air User’s Guide.


vCloud Air web console

My VMWare Portal

The vCloud Air Web Console is the vCloud Air management environment where you can:

  • Configure workloads
  • ·Configure infrastructure services such as firewalls and load balancers in vCloud Edge Gateway·          

Your company must have selected ‘purchase’ and completed the vCloud Air registration process, and have at least one active subscription to be able to access the vCloud Air Web Console.


After you’ve registered, VMware will send you an email with a link to where you can create a password. Refer to the vCloud Air User’s Guide for information about console usernames and passwords.

Read about the vCloud Air Web Console features and user instructions in the vCloud Air Support Center.

  • Manage vCloud Air  users and user roles
  • View subscriptions and raise support tickets
  • View and manage purchased SPP Fund Balances
  • Redeem SPP credits for various vCloud Air services, including add-ons
  • Setup SPP Fund Users (rights to redeem credits for vCloud Air services)





User Roles And Permissions

vCloud Air user roles

There are two vCloud Air user roles – ‘administrator’ and ‘user’:

  • Administrator: the default logged in page is your cloud service dashboard
  • User: the default page is My Virtual Machines

Users are required to contact their administrator or vCloud Air technical support.

Refer to the vCloud Air User’s Guide for more information about how to use the console.


My VMware – user roles

For SPP Credits, there are two user roles – ‘Fund Owner’ and ‘Fund User.’

  • Fund Owners make the initial SPP Credit purchase in the Cloud Services Store and has authority to purchase, receive, and redeem SPP Credits in the My VMware portal. The Fund Owner may also grant SPP Credits to any named Fund User and may manage multiple SPP Funds
  • Fund User is designated by an SPP Fund Owner to a Fund Balance. Designated fund users may redeem SPP Credits using their My VMware portal.

For more information, refer to SPP Credits Landing page and Knowledge Base articles; My Subscription Funds Dashboard and Managing VMware Subscription Purchasing Program (SPP) Users on the VMware website.


Buying Resources

Log in to the Telstra Cloud Services Portal to purchase add-ons to your vCloud Air infrastructure service.


Use the Telstra Cloud Services Store to purchase SPP credits.


Refer to our website for more information.


Operating systems and software


Operating system and software licences can be purchased from and managed by VMware. Licensing fees are not displayed on your quote page or checkout page on the Telstra Cloud Services Store or the Telstra Cloud Services Portal. Any operating system and software licences purchased will appear in your monthly bill.


Redeeming SPP Credits for vCloud Air services


A Fund Owner/User can log onto My VMware, navigate to the SPP Page, select "Redeem" and use the configurator to select services and add-ons.


With the exception of prepaid services, you may redeem SPP Credits for subscription services even if your Fund Balance does not cover the full term of a subscription service. You’ll be required to purchase additional SPP Credits when their Fund Balance is no longer sufficient to pay for a redeemed subscription service.


Modifying Resources

You can modify your service 30 days prior to the end date of your subscription. During this period you can make the following changes to your subscription:

  • Choose a longer or shorter contract term
  • Increase or reduce add-on capacity
  • Choose not to renew your service

You can’t modify your primary service — i.e. change from Virtual Private Cloud to Dedicated Cloud or Disaster Recovery.


Once your modification request has been submitted, you won’t be able to make further changes until the new term and capacity changes have taken effect.


Add-on capacity changes may take time to provision as it can only begin on the first day of the new subscription term.


Changes in monthly subscription fees resulting from a modification request will be reflected on your next Telstra bill after the start of the new term. Depending upon your billing cycle, some charges may be prorated.


Cancelling Services

To cancel your VMware vCloud Air service, call your Telstra representative. Please ensure you retrieve any data you need as access to your data will be revoked after cancellation.  


Early termination fees may apply. Please see our customer terms for details. There could also be charges applied in arrears that could appear in your next few bills.