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Telstra Secure Access

by Community Manager ‎08-07-2019 11:03 AM - edited ‎08-07-2019 11:05 AM

Thank you for choosing to register with Telstra Online Services. Telstra customers can register for free and be assured of the security of their account information when accessing Telstra Online Services. Click on the FAQ button for more information regarding security.


Before you start, you will need:


Your Telstra account number* You must be the account holder or your company's authorised representative to register. Please note you will also need the cookies enabled (https://register.telstra.com.au/online/faq_generic.html)  on your browser to be able to register.

For more information, click on the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) button or call

FREECALL™ 1800 637 745**, Business Customers

FREECALL™ 1800 017 353**, Enterprise & Government Customers (Between 9.00am and 6.00pm EST, Monday to Friday).


Begin registration process

Go to Begin registration process, go to

STEP 1 a> You have your PIN already, skip to

STEP 2 * This may be for a Telstra account belonging to your company. Your account number can be found on the top right-hand corner of your phone bill.

** A free call from most fixed phones.

™ Trade mark of Telstra Corporation Limited ABN 33 051 775 556


Managing Your Profile

Your Online Services Profile: Was created when you downloaded your digital certificate. Your profile contains your contact and account details and Telstra Online Services preferences. You can update these details at any time. We recommend you bookmark this page for future reference.

Update Your Product Access: As your business needs change, you are able to add or delete products to which you have current access.

Manage Your Secondary Users: You can nominate other people within your business to access your Telstra Online Service information. You can only do this if you are the primary user. A primary user is the customer who applied for the original digital certificate. For someone else to be able to access your information, you need to create a secondary user. A secondary user is an individual who has been provided with a digital certificate by the primary user. A secondary user's access privileges to Telstra Online Services are determined by the primary user.

Create an Additional Digital Certificate: An additional digital certificate is an identical copy of your original digital certificate. You may wish to create an additional digital certificate to access your Telstra Online Services information on another computer.

Update Your Contact Details: You are able to change your email address and daytime phone number. If you need to update any other details, please contact Telstra for assistance, FREECALL 1800 017 353*, between 9:00am to 6:00pm (EST) Monday to Friday or contact us via email at cams@team.telstra.com 

Update Your Account Details: You can also add a new account to your profile information. 

Your List of Digital Certificates: You can view a list of any primary digital certificates you may have created, plus any other digital certificates that may have been created for your secondary users.

FAQ: You can access Frequently Asked Questions for more information on registering to Telstra Online Services, and various aspects on how to manage your account including updating your personal details, managing additional users, etc.

Terms of Use: You can access the Terms of Use for more information regarding telstra.com and telstra.com Services Terms of Use in relation to registering to Telstra Online Services.

Contact Us: For Telstra website assistance, FREECALL 1800 017 353*, between 9:00am to 6:00pm (Eastern Standard Time) Monday to Friday or contact us via email at cams@team.telstra.com