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TIPT Customer Administrator

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In early 2015, Telstra rolled new security rules for PINs for TIPT services. These changes are designed to strengthen security and make it harder for hackers to access your TIPT services.

To assist you in creating new PINs, we have provided a simple Reset Tool that will allow you to generate a PIN from a single service to across your whole enterprise.

The Password Reset tool can be used by either a Company Group Administrator (CGA) OR Company Enterprise Administrator (CEA). A Quick reference Guide that shows how straightforward it is to use has also been provided with the tool.



As the Customer Administrator (CA), your role is broken into two levels:


  • A Customer Enterprise Administrator (CEA), and
  • A Customer Group Administrator (CGA).


As a CEA your role is to administer the Telstra IP Telephony advanced services across the entire enterprise. You do not have access to administer any services at the group/user level.

As the CGA, your role is to administer the Telstra IP Telephony service for a group/site or a number of group/sites. It is your responsibility to configure users and group services. Importantly, you are also the central point of contact for reporting of faults and requests for billable adds, moves and changes (AMCs) for phone users in your groups.

Customer Administrator Roles and Responsibilities (PDF, 417kB)

Customer Administrator Reference Manual (PDF, 10.5MB)

This website has a range of resources to ensure that you are adequately equipped to fulfil this function.


Quick reference guides

Single page guides outlining the main features, together with explanations of the buttons/icons.

Customer Administrators

Hunt Group Quick Reference Guide (PDF, 391kB)

Group Conferencing Quick Reference Guide (PDF, 195kB)

One Access IAD User Guide (PDF, 299kB)

Commpilot Updates

CommPilot Changes Liberate (TIPT) CGA Guide

Premium Call Centre User Guide


Feature Guide

Multiple page guides that provide more detailed information on features and functionality.

(Any new enterprise, group or site provisioned after 18 April 2011, will be configured to use Device Management System.)

Customer Group Administrator Shared Call Appearance Feature Guide (PDF, 382kB)

Customer Group Administrator Device Management Feature Guide (PDF, 731kB)

Auto Attendant Feature Guide (PDF, 464kB)

Hoteling Feature Guide (PDF, 347kB)

Anywhere Feature Guide for Customer Administrators (PDF, 943kB)

Busy Lamp Field (BLF) Feature Guide for Customer Group Administrators (PDF, 330kB)


User manuals

The User manual provides extensive operating instructions on Call Centre features and functionality

Customer Administrator Reference Manual (PDF, 14.3MB)

TIPT How to guide for Hoteling VVX500

Provisioning UC-One for CGA's (PDF, 438KB)


Techical information

Customer Administrators

(Any new enterprise, group or site provisioned after 18 April 2011, will be configured to use Device Management System.)

Customer Detailed Integration Guide (PDF, 2.08MB)

TIPT Voice Portal Flows

TIPT Lync 2013 Configuration Guide (PDF, 1.18MB)


Adds, moves and changes

The TIPT Add, Move and Changes tool allow you to request the following types of changes to your TIPT service:

  • Add/remove quantity of authorised service packs
  • Upgrade and downgrade quantity of authorised service packs
  • Add/remove group service (Call Centre, Hunt Group, Auto Attendant, Group Conferencing)
  • Configure complex services
  • Add/remove/modify the Customer Administrator
  • Modify Enterprise Profile
  • Order new CPE
  • Request additional training

For other changes, such as adding a TIPT group or a new number range, please contact your Telstra Account Executive.

The terms and conditions set out in your agreement with us apply to any add, move or change made using the Add, Move and Changes Tool.

To use the TIPT Adds, Moves and Changes tool, log in with Your Telstra Tools credentials.

If you are an Authorised Representative, you can enrol for access to this tool via Your Telstra Tools.

For instructions on how to register and use the TIPT Add, Move and Changes Tool, refer to the TIPT Add, Move & Changes Quick Reference Guides.