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TIPT Applications Development Environment

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Telstra is encouraging its customers and partners to get creative and create apps in its new app development environment for its subscription-based voice and video cloud Telstra IP Telephony (TIPT) solution.


What are TIPT APIs

The new app development environment integrates the TIPT solution with customer business applications, and will consist of an open application programming interface (API) that will be accessible over the internet by customers and third party developers. TIPT Applications let you enable your business processes with the existing communication system, helping to reduce cost and increase flexibility. TIPT APIs are based on the latest developer’s frame works that are friendly to the developers and ideal for Web Applications. The APIs are simple, intuitive and consistent to make adoption not only easy but pleasant. TIPT APIs are open to the internet and private IP VPN. These are accessible by all TIPT users via CommPilot credentials.


The operational model 

TIPT Apps will be broken into a three tiers, the first consisting of Telstra owned, operated, and supported apps, such as Telstra's desktop and mobile collaboration app, Telstra Business Connect; the second, certified third party apps accredited on the Telstra network and supported by Telstra partners; and the third, open tier, which means customers are able to develop specific apps to meet their individual needs.


Telstra’s developer partners are already using the TIPT app development environment and have developed applications.   


Technical information

The interface provided is the BroadWorks Xtended Services Interface (XSI) which is the latest TIPT API (XML over HTTP) that is ideal for Web Applications. The XSI is an application programming interface that allows remote applications to integrate with the TIPT platform to perform telephony-related actions and to be notified about telephony events relating to hosted users.


  • Xsi-Actions
    • Call Management – Answer, Hold, Transfer etc
    • Call Status – Retrieve details of active calls  and call states
    • Call Lists – Directories, placed, missed calls etc
    • Service Management – Retrieve and configure services
  • Xsi-Events
    • Call Events – real time call notification (ringing, answered)
    • Service Events -  Service configuration has changed
    • Subscription based (E.g. Basic Call, Call Centre Queue)


3rd Party Applications will be able to access these Xsi Interfaces via Telstra IP-VPN or the public internet.


By using the APIs, Telstra partners can customise and integrate TIPT into your business processes. There are developers and partners who already have pre- built TIPT applications and they can also build customized application for the TIPT customers.



URL: https://xsi-actions.tipt.telstra.com/ Context: /com.broadsoft.xsi-actions/v2.0/



URL: https://xsi-events.tipt.telstra.com Context /com.broadsoft.xsi-events/v2.0/


The Global Load Balancer (GTM) acts as the DNS for the two FQDNS. The GTM polls the LTMs to determine if each site is up


The LTM round robins between XSP’s in the pool at each site using source IP persistency. (per request)


The LTM polls each server in the site to determine if it is up.


The LTM also performs SSL offloading to simplify certificate management


DNS Solution


  • Returns multiple addresses. The address order alternates every few minutes to provide load distribution.
    • Address:
    • Address:
  • The DNS only returns Address that have passed GTM Health Checks. 


  • Return multiple addresses. The address order is fix to provided Xsi-Event channel persistency.
    • Address:
    • Address:

 The DNS only returns Address that have passed GTM Health Checks.


TIPT APIs for existing TIPT Users

TIPT users already have access to the APIs, they don’t need the Telstra Application Development Environment.


TIPT APIs for Application Developers

For developing applications, please register at http://developer.broadsoft.com/. Once the applications are developed there are some options for TIPT usage.

  • Existing TIPT Customers may use the Applications using their Production CommPilot Credential and the URLs provided under “Technical Information”.
  • If you want to develop or certify the application against the Telstra (TIPT) environment and you don’t have any TIPT account already, you can request lab access by following the TIPT Applications Accreditation Process.


TIPT Applications Accreditation Process

Telstra has developed an accreditation process where developers can request access. Developers need to fill in the form and send it to the address provided. The TIPT team would review the application and, once approved, an appropriate time frame and credentials will be sent.


Listed below are the forms that must be completed to request access to the Telstra Lab for Self Certification of applications. For further information please contact XsiLabAccess@team.telstra.com


TIPT Applications Lab Access Request



Features not available

The following are NOT available accessing the Xsi Test Lab remotely:

  • Access to CommPilot
  • Calls to and from native Mobile devices
  • Calls to and from PSTN connected calling devices (both landline and ISDN)
  • DMS functionality
  • SIP based CPE development
  • General CPE access is not available


Developers would use Telstra Business Connect soft client as their “SIP Device” for any interpretational testing. Remote certification process is for applications only, If a developer wants to test a CPE or a gateway they will need to follow the CPE Self Certification process that will require visiting the Telstra labs physically.


Note: The XSI interface is the only available interface for application development. CAP/OCI is not supported.


Test and Troubleshooting

Prior to calling Telstra Help Desk for support, please perform the following Connectivity tests to ensure the Telstra platform is operational.

TIPT Applications Connectivity Tests


Compliant TIPT Applications

Below is a table of Vendors that have self-certified their apps with Telstra and their contact details for direct support.


Camelon Presence

Camelon ICT solutions

Adam Hislop

1300 881 007


Camelon Callboard

Camelon ICT solutions

Adam Hislop

1300 881 007 www.camelon.com.au Adam.Hislop@camelon.com.au
Inference CRM

Inference Solutions

Ben Wortley

1300 191 431 www.inferencesolutions.com.au sales@inferencesolutions.com


TIPT API Datasheet

Telstra IP Telephony App Development Environment datasheet (PDF, 167KB)



TIPT Applications FAQs


TIPT Applications Marketplace

TIPT Team is working to build its own applications marketplace where customers can buy TIPT applications directly.