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T Analyst - User Preferences

by Community Manager on ‎14-07-2016 11:11 AM - edited on ‎19-12-2016 12:04 PM by Community Manager


Users can set preferences around where and how they receive T Analyst system notifications and control how their bill is delivered by switching off paper bills.


Managing bill arrival notifications

Switching off paper bills

Updating your email address 




Managing bill arrival notifications

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Bill arrival notifications will automatically be set by default to inform users of a new bill issued. You can select to turn off new bill arrival notifications sent via email.



1.  From the home page, select the Setup tab.


Home page - setup tab.JPG


 2. Select Preferences from under the User Profiles section.


Setup tab - preferences.JPG


3. Go to New Statement Notification and untick box against email.

4. Select Save


Preferences - email.JPG


5. All future bill arrival notifications will not be sent via email.



Switching off paper bills

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You can change the billing method in T Analyst to switch off paper bills. This will prevent any future paper bills from being issued.  But users will continue to receive their electronic PDF bill via T Analyst in summary or detail format.




1.  From the home page, select the Setup tab.


Home page - setup tab.JPG





 2.  Go to the User Profiles section and select "Paperless Billing".


Setup tab - paperless billing.JPG


A list of all accounts will now be displayed.


Paperless billing - list of accounts.JPG


3.  Select the account(s) you wish to turn off paper bills against by ticking the box next to the              account number.


     NOTE: If you wish to turn off paper bills against all accounts, select the top box next to bill



4.  Select Set to Paperless Billing.


Paperless billing - turn off paper.JPG


5.  A message will now appear confirming the accounts you have selected to turn off paper               bill against.

6.  Select Set to Paperless Billing.


Paperless billing - confirmation message.JPG


7. The Bill Setting icon will now be changed to an electronic bill selection.


Paperless billing - paper off icon.JPG





Updating your email address

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T Analyst will automatically send out system notifications to advise you when a new bill or report is available.  


Your email address is linked to your online profile that is set up in Your Telstra Tools.  Any changes to your email address, needs to be managed via Your Telstra Tools.


1.   From Your Telstra Tools home page, select "Your profile" tab.


YTT - new home page.JPG


2.  Select "Change your contact details and secret q&a."


YTT - your profile, change email.JPG


3.   Update relevant details in email address fields.

4.   Select save.


YTT - change your email address.JPG


All T Analyst system generated emails, will now be sent to your new email address.