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T Analyst - Payment by EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)

by Community Manager ‎31-08-2015 09:33 AM - edited ‎31-08-2015 09:34 AM

You can make a payment towards a bill using T Analyst, by electronic funds transfer.


NOTE:  This option is only available to customers who have registered for EFT payments.


1.  From the home page, select the View Bill tab.


New Home page.JPG


2.  Select the bill you want to make a payment against. NOTE:  You can make a payment against        multiple accounts by ticking the box next to account number(s).


View bills 1.JPG




3.  Once account number(s) have been selected, the option to “Pay by EFT” will appear. 

4.  Select "Pay by EFT".


Payment by EFT.JPG


5.  Enter amount to be paid next to amount billed.  NOTE:  You do not need to pay to pay the full          amount.

6.  Select OK


Pay by EFT 2.JPG

  7.  A messagge will appear to advise payment is processing.  A PDF will open advising of                    remittance details.