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T Analyst - New download centre tab

by Community Manager on ‎15-10-2016 08:25 AM

The download centre allows users to view any pending or completed reports scheduled in T Analyst.  We've updated it with a new layout and features.


View Request Status


1.  The "View Request Status" tab will show a new bar indicating how many reports are current        stored and how much storage has been consumed.


Download centre - graph.JPG


2.  Select report type you wish to access.


Download centre - filter type.JPG


3.  Users can identify any reports ready for download.


Download centre - ready to download.JPG


4.  Reports already downloaded will be displayed.


Download centre - already downloaded.JPG


5.  Users will be notified of any reports that cannot be created due to no data being available.


Download centre - no data.JPG


6.  All reports due to expire soon, will be displayed.


Download centre - expire.JPG


7.  In help function will explain features on page.


Download centre - help.JPG


8.  To delete report, select report and click on remove request.  


     All completed reports will automatically be deleted in 30 days.


Download centre - delete report.JPG



Pending Requests


1.  All pending report requests can be viewed through the pending requests tab.


Download centre - pending requests.JPG


2.  Users can change settings by selecting "Edit Request".


Download centre - pending edit.JPG


Go to New Setup tab.