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T Analyst - New View Bill tab

by Community Manager ‎15-10-2016 08:28 AM - edited ‎28-10-2016 02:58 PM

The View Bill tab has been updated with some additional features.


1.  Additional drop down menu titled "Hierarchy" allows users to alternate between different hierarchies.        


View Bills - hierarchy.JPG


2.  A "browse" feature has been added to cost centre level drop down menu.  This allows

     users to search or select any cost centre within their hierarchy.


View Bills - browse.JPG


 3.  A full screen display mode provides easier view of information for users.


Standard mode


View Bills - standard screen mode.JPG


Full screen mode


View Bills - full screen mode.JPG


4.  The payments button now contains 3 options:


  • Make Payment
  • Pay by EFT
  • View Payments

NOTE:  You must tick the box next to bill to make or view payments.


View Bills - payments menu.JPG


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