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T Analyst - New Setup tab

by Community Manager ‎15-10-2016 08:25 AM - edited ‎18-10-2016 10:03 AM

We've updated the setup tab with a new layout, making it easier for users to find the function they want to perform.


1.  All section will be listed, allowing users to collapse or expand information when clicking on          heading.


Setup main page.JPG


2.  In help function available on setup tab to provide users with further information about page.


Setup tab - help.JPG




 1.  The manage hierarchy page now combines a few options in the button selection.


Manage hierarchy - more actions.JPG



 2.  In help function available to provide further information about page.


Manage hierarchy - inhelp.JPG


Cost Centres


1.  Users have the ability to alternate between hierarchies


Cost Centres - hierarchy.JPG


2.  Users can drill down to cost centre via drop down box or select the browse feature.


Cost Centres - cost centre.JPG


3.  In help fuction available to provide further information about page.


Cost Centres - inhelp.JPG




4.  New option to select "View Accounts" or "View Services" to navigate directly to this information in the Manage Accounts/Services tab.


Cost Centres - view accounts.JPG




Manage Accounts/Services


The manage accounts/services tab provides users with the ability to access and manage their Telstra services.


1. Users can access inhelp function to view further information about page.


Manage accts main page.JPG