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T Analyst - Managing your bills

by Community Manager ‎26-08-2014 01:27 PM - edited ‎09-12-2016 03:36 PM

The View Bills tab allows you to complete the following tasks in managing your Telstra bills.


Compare bills

Download a bill

Grouping bills

Schedule a bill

Viewing a single bill

Viewing consolidated bills



Compare bills

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Compare your current bill to 18 months of historical bills to identify variances, and analyse cost and usage trends.


1.  Go to the View Bills tab.


Home page - view bills.JPG


2.  Select the month and bill you wish to compare.

3.  Select View Account Activity


View Bills - view acct activity.JPG


 4.  Select box "Display Breakdown" to view additional billing categories.


Acct activity - display breakdown.JPG


5.  Click on drop down menu to select number of months you wish to compare.


Acct activity - compare bills.JPG


6.  Table will display bill comparison charges amongst each month.

7.  Select download icon to extract report in CSV format.


Compare bills table.JPG




Download a bill

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You can download an electronic copy of your PDF bill as a summary or in more detail:



1. Select View Bills tab.


Home page.JPG

2. Select the month from the drop down menu.


View Bills - month.JPG


3.  If applicable, select cost centre level where account is assigned.


View Bills - cost centre level.JPG


4.  Select the account you would like to download.


View Bills - account selection.JPG


5.  Select View Bill and choose the format you would like to donwload.


  • For a detailed bill, select View Bill
  • For a summary bill, select View Account Summary

View Bills - download bill.JPG



6.  Message will appear on screen "Click to download bill".  A PDF copy of your bill will be         downloaded.


View Bills - click to download.JPG




Grouping bills

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You can group bills that fall into a specific category (For example, Day of Month Due or Payment Status)


1. Select View Bills


Home page - view bills.JPG


2.  Click on "More" to select grouping options


Grouping - select more.JPG


3.  Select the grouping options from the Group and Subgroup dropdown lists.

4.  Select Update View.


Grouping - drop down menu.JPG


 5.  Bills will be displayed with selected grouping options.


Grouping - option selected.JPG




Schedule a bill

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You can schedule a copy of your bill to be delivered to you and others in your organisation.


Automatically schedule bills:


1. From home page, select the View Bills tab.


Home page - view bills.JPG


2. Select the account you wish to schedule bills against.

3. Select Request Bills


View Bills - request bills.JPG


4. Select "Current month's bill" to ensure the latest bills issued are attached.


   NOTE: Previous months can be selected when scheduling a once off report.


Request bills - select month.JPG


 5. Select the bill format you require eg. Summary or Detailed Bill.


Request bills - bill format.JPG


 6.  You can select to send report to additional recipients.  


      If you need to send to more then one recipient, place semi-colon after

      each email address.


7.   Submit Request


Request bills - recipients.JPG


 8.  You will automatically be directed to the Download Centre tab.  


      The scheduled report will now be listed under Pending Requests.


download centre - detailed bill.JPG



Viewing a single bill

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To to view the summary or detail of one bill:


1. Select the View Bills tab.


Home page - view bills.JPG


2. Select the month from the drop down menu.


View Bills - select month.JPG



4. Tick the box next to the bill you want to view.

5. Select View Account Activity.


View Bills - view acct activity.JPG



6. Check Display Breakdown.


Acct activity - display breakdown.JPG



7.  Additional details will be displayed showing allowing user to drill down further against different categories.


Acct activity - addt details.JPG




Viewing consolidated bills

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Consolidate all, or a group of bills to see the total charges.


When you’re looking at a list of Bills, check the boxes for the bills you want to see in as a total amount.


1.  Go to View Bills tab.


Home page - view bills.JPG


2.  Select the boxes next to bills you want to view.

3. Select View Account Activity.


View Bills - consolidated view.JPG


4.  Charges will be displayed in consolidated view.


Acct activity - multiple view.JPG