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T Analyst - International direct (default filter)

by Community Manager on ‎01-09-2016 01:25 PM

The default filter International direct, enables users to review any usage charges related to International including; sms and calls.


It can only be applied in a usage type report. 


How to apply filter in report


  1.  Go to Summary or Detail report tab and select usage type report.

Fixed services - report type.JPG

  1.  Report will currently display all call & usage charges relevant for that bill cycle.

International direct - standard report.JPG


  1.  Select drop down menu and choose filter type "(Default) International direct”.
  2.  Select, update view.

International direct - filter.JPG


Report will now display all charges related to international direct.


International direct - filter applied.JPG

NOTE: Data will not be displayed if there are no available records.


You can also save this filter as a default each time you run the report.  For more information, 

please refer to knowledge article on Setting filters as a default for report.