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T Analyst - How to lodge a billing request

by Community Manager ‎04-02-2016 01:53 PM - edited ‎24-03-2017 03:27 PM

You can use T Analyst to lodge an enquiry or dispute against a charge on your bill.  This can be done via the View Bills or Reports tab.



Raising a billing request via View Bills tab


1.  From home page, select View Bills tab.


Home page.JPG


2.  Tick the box against bill you wish to review

3.  Select Account Activity


View Bills - account activity.JPG


4. Tick display further breakdown box to show all charge type categories.


View Bills - display breakdown.JPG



5.  Click on hyperlink against charge type to display details.


View Bills - select billing category.JPG


6.  Report will be displayed showing detailed charges.

7.  To view charges, click on full screen mode icon or select + sign to display individual charge.


View Bill - bill detail statement.JPG

 8.  To raise a billing request, select hyperlink against specific charge.


Raise a billing request.JPG


 9.  Billing enquiry & disputes pop up box will appear.  

10.  Select option from drop down menu.

11.  Enter further information about charge.

12.  Select Submit.


Billing request - pop up box.JPG


Raising a billing request via Reports tab

You can raise a biling request through the following detail reports.


  • Adjustments
  • Bill detail report
  • Other charges & credits
  • Service & equipment detail report


1.  Go to Reports tab and select specific report.


 Home page - detail reports.JPG


2. Select report type to view detail. In this example, we are selecting a bill detail report.


Detail reports - bill detail.JPG


3.  Bill detail report will be displayed.  To view all available fields and charges, click to expand        to full screen mode.


Detail reports - full screen mode.JPG



 4. Select charge you wish to raise an enquiry/dispute against.


Detail reports - select charge.JPG


5.  Billing enquiry & disputes pop up box will appear.  

6.  Select option from drop down menu.

7.  Enter further information about charge.

8.  Select Submit.


Billing request - pop up box.JPG


 9.  User will receive confirmation message to advise billing request has been submitted.

10.  Further email will be sent to user providing billing request reference number.


Billing request - email confirmation.JPG




Viewing submitted requests


Users can view the details of any requests submitted via the Set Up tab.


Home page - set up tab.JPG


1.  Select Payment Information


Set up tab - payment info.JPG


2.  Select Billing Enquires & Disputes


Set up tab - billing enquires & disputes.JPG



3.  All billing requests previously submitted will be displayed.


Billing request - list.JPG


4. Click on billing request to display details.


Billing request - details.JPG