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T Analyst - Getting Started

by Community Manager ‎11-08-2014 04:44 PM - edited ‎25-08-2014 04:42 PM

If you have recently been registered in T Analyst, you will have access to your Telstra accounts and services in one location.


When you log in you can manage your bills, view standard reports and graphs and create custom reports. You can allocate your accounts and services to your organisation’s departments for efficient cost allocation each month.


T Analyst navigation menu.JPG



The main navigation bar allows access to all of the tools available in the application.



Home contains dashboards to highlight monthly usage and charges, important messages regarding T Analyst™ functionality and any additional messages from Telstra.


View Bills

View Bills allows you to easily manage all of your Telstra bills. You can download copies of your bills, schedule copies of bills to be delivered automatically to an end user, compare bills to previous months and group bills by specific criteria.


Cost Allocation

Use an organisational hierarchy to allocate account and service charges by department or cost centre in just seconds.


Summary Reports

Summary reports give an overview of your telecommunications usage displayed as tables or graphs. Use standard reports or create custom reports to meet your specific needs.


Detail Reports

Detail reports contain individual data records that can include a variety of information including call usage, equipment, and other charges or credits. You can choose from a number of predefined reports or create custom reports to meet your specific needs.


Download Centre

Download Centre allows you to view your pending report request status and download completed requests for Bill, Cost Allocation, Summary and Detail Reports.



Setup is the control centre of the application. Create hierarchies to allocate costs, set up tools such as filters and mark-ups, and add descriptions to commonly called numbers.



The Help tab includes a detailed user guide, frequently asked questions and support contact information.



Set Up Process


One of the first steps to get started in T Analyst is to familiarise yourself with the Set Up tab. The Setup Tab is your T Analyst control centre.


You can:


  • Create hierarchies to allocate costs
  • Set up filter and mark-up tools
  • Add descriptions to frequently called numbers
  • Manage users and change preferences

 T Analyst set up tab.JPG