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T Analyst - Dashboard for YTT users

by Community Manager ‎06-11-2014 10:21 AM - edited ‎23-07-2015 04:07 PM

Obtain a quick glance of your expenditure by viewing our T Analyst portlets on the home page when you login to Your Telstra Tools. (Only available to existing users of T Analyst)


For further information, please go to T Analyst from selected portlet.


Cost Comparison – provides users with a view of what their expenditure has been so far this month in comparison to last month or same time last year.


New widget - cost comparison.JPG


Favorite Services – provides an overview to users of all post bill charges issued against their favorite services in T Analyst.


New widget - favourite services.JPG


Top Spenders – provides a view of the top 3 cost center's that have generated the highest charges for the month.


New widget - top spenders.JPG


Total Services – provides users with a total number of new or disconnected services based on their latest bill period.


New widget - total services.JPG