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T Analyst - Cost Centres

by Community Manager on ‎12-08-2014 11:49 AM - edited on ‎05-12-2016 01:12 PM by Community Manager


Once you’ve created your hierarchy, you can build your cost centres.  The Cost Centre page is where your hierarchy structure takes shape. Add cost centres and GL codes to represent the divisions and departments within your organisation.  Depending on your permissions you can move, delete and edit descriptions of the cost centres.



Creating cost centres

Deleting a cost centre

Editing cost centre descriptions

Moving cost centres




Creating cost centres

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Your default cost centre is Corporate. Build your hierarchy by adding divisions or departments below this cost centre.


1. Select the Setup tab.


Home page - set up tab.JPG


2. Select the Cost Centre link in the Hierarchies section.


Hierarchies - manage accounts 1.JPG


3. Add your top level departments with their GL codes in the grid and select Add.


Hierarchies - manage accounts 2.JPG

4. Continue your organisation tree by selecting a cost centre and additional departments that you want to add.

5. Select Add.


Hierarchies - manage accounts 3.JPG


6.  Additional level will be displayed showing other departments.


Hierarchies - manage accounts 4.JPG

7.  To assign your accounts and services to hierarchy, access Managing Accounts/Services knowledge article.




Deleting a cost centre

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You can permanently delete any cost centre in a hierarchy structure.

If you delete a top level cost centre, all levels below will be deleted too.


1.  Select Setup tab.


Home page - setup tab.JPG


2.  Go to Hierarchies section and select Cost Centres.


Hierarchies - cost centres.JPG



3.  Select the cost centre name you want to delete (this will change to bold).

4.  Select Delete.



Cost Centres - select cost centre.JPG




5.  Select OK.


Cost Centres - delete.JPG


6.  Confirm cost centre removal by selecting OK.


Cost Centres - remove cost centre.JPG




Editing cost centre descriptions

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Edit the cost centre name and GL codes at any time.


1.  Select Setup tab.


Home page - setup tab.JPG


2. Go to Hierarchies and select Cost Centres.


Hierarchies - cost centres.JPG




3.  Select cost centre name to edit.  (cost centre name will change to bold)

4.  Select Edit.


Cost Centres  - edit name.JPG



5. Enter new name of cost centre.

6. Add GL code or Descriptions 1 and 2.

7. Select Save.


Cost Centres - change name.JPG



8.  New cost centre description name will appear in hierarchy list.


Cost Centres - new name.JPG




Moving cost centres

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You can re-arrange or move any cost centre to another level in your hierarchy.


1.  Select Setup tab.


Home page - setup tab.JPG


2.  Go to Hierarchies section and select Cost Centres.


Hierarchies - cost centres.JPG



3. Select the cost centre and any subsequent levels you want to move.

4. Select Move in the top menu or select the cost centre for menu options.


Cost Centres - move.JPG



3. Choose the destination for the cost centres by selecting drop down menu.

4. Select Ok.


Cost Centres - drop down menu.JPG


5.  Confirmation page will appear listing new destination of where cost centres will be moved.

6.  Select OK.


Cost Centes - confirm move.JPG


7.  Cost centres will show in new destination.


Cost Centres - new changes.JPG