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T Analyst - Assigning new accounts to hierarchy

by Community Manager ‎21-07-2016 02:51 PM - edited ‎19-10-2016 05:03 PM

New accounts can be identified and assigned to a hierarchy in T Analyst.


1.  From the home page, select the Setup tab.


Home page - set up tab.JPG


2.  Go to Hierarchies section and select manage accounts and services.


Manage acct services.JPG



3.  Select Accounts to identify any new accounts


Manage acct select acct.JPG


4.  New accounts will show under path as "Unallocated"

5.  To assign accounts to hierarchy, select accounts, and then click on Move Accounts.


Manage acct - assign.JPG


6.  Click on drop down menu to select destination where account is to be assigned.

7.  Select Ok


Manage acct - allocate.JPG 


NOTE: When assigning an account, all service attached to that account will also be assigned to the selected destination.


If you need to assign individual services across multiple cost centres, it is recommended to assign account to top level (corporate).  This will then allow you to select services you wish to assign to each specific cost centre.


8.  Select Ok to confirm account move


Manage acct - confirm move.JPG


9.  Accounts will now appear under new destination path.


Manage acct - new allocation.JPG