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T Analyst - Adding descriptions to phone numbers

by Community Manager ‎12-09-2014 03:04 PM - edited ‎25-10-2016 05:40 PM

The Description field enables you to add descriptions to phone numbers dialled and to specific time periods during the day. It helps to easily customise your reports and drill down to individual details.


Phone Numbers


Phone Numbers allow you to designate descriptions to specific numbers dialled. This makes reports easier to read and eliminates the hassle of having to remember or look up numbers on your bill.


Two Phone Number Descriptions are available for each number, which can be used together or independently of each other when selecting the Group and Subgroups of your reports.

Phone Number descriptions are shared among all users in your organisation. An example of this is the ability to differentiate between personal and business phone calls made. Or you might want to clearly run a report on the number of calls made to a specific supplier.


Adding a description to a phone number


  1. Go to Setup tab

Home page - setup tab.JPG


 2. Go to Descriptions section and select Phone Numbers.


Setup tab - phone numbers.JPG



3.  Select Add Phone Numbers.


Phone Numbers - add nbr.JPG


4. Add phone and description.

5. Select Save.


Phone numbers - phone & description.JPG


6.  Phone number and description will be listed.


Phone Numbers - list.JPG


Viewing phone number descriptions in a report


Once phone numbers have descriptions added, they can be included in reports.


1. Select report to add phone number description.  In this scenario,  the call & usage itemisation, detail report has been selected.


Detail reports - call & usage.JPG


2.  Select Edit.


Detail report - edit to add column.JPG


4.  Select column category “called number description 1”

5.  Use arrow to add category to report

6.  Control the order in which the category appears by using up & down arrows

7.  Select ok.



8. Called number description will now be displayed in report


Detail report - called number added.JPG