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SoftLayer platform: network connections

by Community Manager on ‎04-03-2015 11:51 AM - edited on ‎29-06-2016 01:51 PM by Community Manager

Your service includes access to several online management portals:

Alternatively, you can use the SoftLayer API for automation and greater control.


Refer to the SoftLayer platform: how to use knowledge article for more information about these online management portals.


Connecting to your SoftLayer plaform

You can connect to the SoftLayer platform through the internet, a private Telstra IP network service (through our Cloud Gateway SoftLayer® offering) or other connection options that may be offered by the SoftLayer platform.


Cloud Gateway for Australian customers

This service is coming soon for customers outside Australia.

A Cloud Gateway connection to SoftLayer® is available to Telstra customers based in Australia, connecting to a preselected Australian data centre or SoftLayer platform network points of presence (PoPs). A Telstra IP network service must be pre-established before it can be connected.


Connection options

Your connection service comes in a range of bandwidth options. The Cloud Gateway connection to SoftLayer® order form will explain these options in more detail.


Things you need to know

There are some important considerations before requesting a Cloud Gateway connection to the SoftLayer platform.


The SoftLayer shared services will not be accessible from your Telstra IP network service directly. Shared services are defined as the following:                                    

  • OS Update Servers
  • DNS Resolvers
  • ISCSI Storage
  • NAS Storage
  • Object Storage
  • Message Queue Service
  • EVault
  • API
  • Transcoding Services
  • CDN FTP Proxy Services
  • McAfee ePO
  • Advanced Monitoring
  • Time NTP
  • Fleximage
  • IPMI

Your Cloud Gateway connection is solely for your Telstra IP network service to privately communicate with your SoftLayer platform infrastructure.The SoftLayer platform will not allow you to back haul private traffic between their remote sites across the SoftLayer platform backbone (i.e. from your private connections).


You will not be able to use any of the following IP subnets to access the SoftLayer platform for your remote prefixes:

  • Any IP ranges assigned to your VLAN’s on the SoftLayer platform

If your IP network service conflicts with any of these IP ranges, request of new IP subnet addressing is required from SoftLayer.


You may want to use a Vyatta network appliance for security on your Cloud Gateway SoftLayer® service. Please refer to the SoftLayer portal for more information. Vyatta devices are provisioned and supported by the SoftLayer platform.


How to request a Cloud Gateway connection to your SoftLayer platform




1. Start with a Telstra IP network service

If you don't currently have a Telstra IP network service, contact your Telstra representative or call 1300 835 787 to find out more.

Don’t know who your Telstra representative is? Call 1300 835 787. We’re available Monday to Friday, 9AM to 5PM (AEST).

2. Create your SoftLayer platform networks



Using either the SoftLayer Customer Portal or API, create at least one private network within your SoftLayer cloud. A private network will be created automatically when your first SoftLayer server is provisioned. You can view your SoftLayer platform private network configuration in the SoftLayer Customer Portal in the network section (Network > IP Management  > Subnets) and filtering ‘private’.


A Vyatta Network Gateway may be required to connect to your SoftLayer platform networks. Vyatta devices are provisioned and supported by the SoftLayer platform.

3.Order a Cloud Gateway service 

Log into the Cloud Gateway management console to order a Cloud Gateway service.


Once your Cloud Gateway has been purchased you can add a Cloud Gateway connection to Softlayer. 

4. Configure access

Using the SoftLayer Customer Portal or API, you can configure firewalls to control access to your cloud service. See the SoftLayer website for details.


After you submit the order form

We’ll establish the Cloud Gateway connection to your SoftLayer platform, which will take up to 16 business days. Once completed, we’ll email you to let you know it’s ready to use.


To disconnect your Cloud Gateway connection to SoftLayer® service, please contact your Telstra representative or contact us on 1800 620 345.


If you add new IP subnets in your SoftLayer platform, they will not be reachable from your Telstra IP network service.