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About RiverMeadow

Need to migrate your workloads to your new cloud service? RiverMeadow is an end-to-end tool that does the migration work for you.


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In this knowledge article find out:

  • If RiverMeadow is right for you
  • How to order
  • Where to go for help with the migration
  • About billing, fees and charges
  • If needed, how to order more RiverMeadow entitlements
  • How to access support from Telstra and RiverMeadow

Work out if RiverMeadow is right for you


Before you begin you’ll need to:

Make sure you have cloud services to migrate to

You can choose any combination of infrastructure services to suit your needs.


Find out more about the cloud services on offer through the Cloud Services Store.


Make sure you can migrate your data to your new cloud services

Refer to RiverMeadow’s compatibility matrix.


How to order


What you’ll be buying through Telstra’s Cloud Services Store are ‘entitlements’. These entitle you to migrate a virtual server (workload) using the RiverMeadow portal.

One entitlement is used for each migration and is only ‘spent’ if a migration is successful. Need to migrate more virtual servers? Simply purchase more entitlements.


Here’s how:

Step 1 - Refer to RiverMeadow’s compatibility matrix to make sure this migration tool is right for you.

The list of operating systems supported by RiverMeadow is updated with each release.


Step 2 - Make sure you have cloud services to migrate to.

 Once you verify that your operating system is supported, you’ll then need to make sure everything is set up properly in both the source and target migration destinations.


Step 3 - Have an online account? Log in to the Cloud Services Store.

If you’re an existing Telstra Business and Enterprise customer, you can register for Telstra online access.

If you’re new to Telstra, you’ll need to create a username and password, and register a Telstra account for your company.


Step 4 - Work out how many migration entitlements you need.

Have one virtual server to migrate? Then order one RiverMeadow entitlement. Need to migrate five virtual servers? Then order five entitlements.

You can only order 10 entitlements at a time unless you have an active Telstra billing account.

If you find you haven’t ordered enough for all the virtual servers you want to migrate, you can always order more entitlements via the Cloud Services Store.


Step 5 - Complete and submit the order form.

It takes us up to two business days to allocate your RiverMeadow entitlements.


Call us on 1800 620 345 or email cloudservices.sales@team.telstra.com if you haven’t received the confirmation email from RiverMeadow within two days. Telstra’s account set-up support is available Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm (AEST).


Step 6 – Use your RiverMeadow migration service.

RiverMeadow will send you an email to confirm that your entitements are ready. Follow the link in the email to register for RiverMeadow portal access.

You will then have access to the RiverMeadow migration service. Support and detailed instructions about how to set up and configure the tools and your enviroments are provided in the RiverMeadow portal.


Where to go for help with the migration  

We provide a wide range of Cloud Professional Services which can help you plan and execute your migration activities.

Contact your Telstra representative to find out how we can help you. See our website for more information about Telstra’s Cloud Professional Services.


Billing, fees and charges

What you pay for are ‘entitlements’. Billing is on a per-usage basis. There are no plans or fixed-term contracts. You can migrate one workload per entitlement.

If the data does not migrate due to technical reasons, you will not lose the entitlement. If your data has been migrated, but you can’t access it for whatever reason, it’ll still be regarded as a successful migration and you’ll no longer be able to use the entitlement.


What’s a successful migration?


The criteria:

  • Selected source files are replicated in the destination cloud with the right attributes, settings and configuration
  • Only selected source files are migrated – not internet, network system or temporary files
  • The operating system is properly converted and successfully boots in the target cloud


You have up to 10 business days to let RiverMeadow know if you think a completed migration hasn’t met the successful migration criteria. RiverMeadow will initiate the migration again to help resolve the issue (this will not incur a fee).


You then have up to five business days to let RiverMeadow know if this ‘fix’ migration also hasn’t met the successful migration criteria. If you don’t get in contact after the five days then RiverMeadow will view the ‘fix’ migration as successful and the issue resolved. If you do get in contact within the five days, RiverMeadow will raise a request for technical support on your behalf in order to resolve the issue.


When billing begins

You pay for the entitlements upfront. When you select ‘purchase’ during the order process, you provide your purchasing details before gaining access to this service. The ordered entitlements will appear on your next bill.


Your bill


If you have multiple Telstra billing IDs, you can select the ID you want your services charged to when you make your first purchase.


You’ll receive a single bill for all cloud services (e.g. RiverMeadow and Telstra) purchased through a billing account. The single bill will have separate sections for each of your different infrastructure services.


Entitlements are consolidated into a single line item on your bill.


Our Customer Terms


For Telstra’s terms and conditions – as well as SLAs – refer to Our Customer Terms.


If needed, how to order more RiverMeadow entitlements


To order more entitlements, log back in to the Cloud Services Store and complete the ‘how to order’ steps.


It takes us up to two business days to set up new RiverMeadow entitlements. RiverMeadow will email you when they’re ready.


Refunds and cancellations


Unfortunately, entitlements are non-refundable. So make sure you only purchase what you need.



Telstra provides sales, billing and general enquiry support .


Telstra sales, account set-up and general enquiries


We're available Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm (AEST).


Email us


Call 1800 620 345, option 3

Telstra billing




We're available Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm (AEST).


Email us


Call 1800 620 345, option 4


To request technical support, log in to the RiverMeadow portal. Or call us on 1800 620 345 or email cloudservicessupport@online.telstra.com.au and we’ll request technical support for you.


You can also call or use the RiverMeadow online contact tool during the USA’s east coast and west coast business hours. Refer to the RiverMeadow contact section for phone numbers.


Refer to the RiverMeadow support section for knowledge articles, FAQs and contact information.