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Paying and updating your bill

by Community Manager on ‎23-09-2014 03:01 PM - edited on ‎21-04-2016 08:28 AM by Community Manager

Update your Telstra bill from paper bill to email bill.

Steps via Your Telstra Tools:
1. Login to Your Telstra Tools
2. Go to ‘Billing’ tab and click on ‘online bill’ application
3. Click on ‘Admin’ tab and click on ‘Billing Delivery Options’ in the left-hand side navigation panel.
4. Change ‘Delivery Method’ to Email or Online for relevant account and click update
5. You will now switch from paper to email bill.


For Non Your Telstra Tools customers, please submit the email bill request form.

Set up direct debit

You can set up direct debit and you have the choice to choose full payment, part payment or a one off payment.

If you are Your Telstra Tools customer, you can set up your direct debit options via Your Telstra Tools:


Direct Debit:
• Login to Your Telstra Tools
• Go to ‘Billing’ tab and click on ‘online bill’ application
• Click on ‘Payments’ tab and click on ‘Direct Debit’ in left-hand side navigation panel
• Select ‘Apply online for Direct Debit...’ link based on ‘Cheque or savings’ account or ‘credit card’ option
• Complete the application process