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Next Generation Data Reporting (NGDR) User Guide

by Community Manager on ‎23-07-2014 10:11 AM

The document provides details on how to log in and navigate through the Next Generation Data Reporting (NGDR) system to generate network performance reports. Telstra NGDR is used to create performance reports for compatible Telstra IP Network and access services (including, IPMAN, Ethernet Lite, Frame Relay and ATM.


The available reports are:


  • Summaries –Provides the user a view of identified important services and their performance at a glance.
  • Network Services – provides the user with more detailed information on the performance of compatible services within their network.
  • Telstra Network – Provides the user with an indicative view of certain performance metrics across Telstra's core and edge network.
  • Inventory – provides the user with a list of services and associated attributes within their network.


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