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International Roaming - Coming home

by Community Manager on ‎28-07-2014 01:33 PM

Here are some handy hints on what you should do once you return to Australia.

  1. When you arrive back, make sure to change the Band Selection or Network Mode setting on your device back to 'Automatic'.
  2. Re-adjust settings by changing the PULL email setting to PUSH so that your emails start automatically downloading again. (Refer to your mobile phone's user guide).
  3. International Roaming can remain ‘ON’ on your mobile service. There is no charge for leaving International Roaming activated. You are only charged for usage when you are travelling.
  4. For bill notification, charges for your International Roaming service may take up to three months to appear on your bill.
  5. If you're not going to travel overseas for a while, you might want to cancel your monthly Data or Voice Plan, otherwise you might continue to be charged a fee. To cancel, please call 13 2000 or contact your Account Executive.