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International Roaming - Before you leave

by Community Manager on ‎28-07-2014 01:28 PM

Preparing for International Roaming

  1. Check your destination for International Roaming.
  2. Check that the frequency (MHz) band of your device will work in the country you are travelling to.
    Refer to your phone's user guide for the frequency (MHz) band it operates on.
  3. International roaming calls and data usage are not included in your standard mobile plan. 
    Make sure you understand and are aware of the costs of using International Roaming voice and data services and take steps to manage your spend appropriately.


Activate International Roaming

If you are familiar and comfortable with International Roaming charges: Activate International Roaming (voice and data)

Purchase an International Roaming Voice or Data Plan for cheaper access to email, internet and inter...

Wait for confirmation via email advising activation of your International Roaming service. This may take up to 48 hours.

You may also wish to convert the mobile phone numbers in your phone book to international format. By doing this, your phone book can recognise calls made from these numbers and display the name you have loaded in your phone book. To convert to international format; enter +61 followed by the Australian mobile number with the first digit '0' deleted - i.e. +61428123456

Pack your mobile phone's user manual so you have an easy reference guide for phone settings and functions. For more information, please refer to your mobile phone manufacturer's website.


Links to your mobile phone manufacturer's website:


Before you board, adjust your handset settings:

  1. If you wish to minimise roaming charges when using email, MMS, web browsing and other data services, turn Data Roaming functionality to OFF.
  2. Adjust your email settings to “pull” mode. (Refer to your mobile phone's user guide)
  3. Many mobile phones have an internal data counter which you can use to monitor your data usage as a guide.
  4. We suggest that you reset this data counter so you can track your usage while using International Roaming. (Refer to your mobile phone's user guide)

Quick reference to adjust these settings on your iPhone

To turn off push/fetch email on an iPhone:

Step 1: Tap Settings

Step 2: Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars

Step 3: Tap Fetch New Data (if you can't see this option, go back one step to the main Settings page, then tap Fetch New Data)

Step 4: Set Push to Off

To reset the data counter on an iPhone:

Step 1: Touch Settings

Step 2: Touch General

Step 3: Touch Usage

Step 4: Scroll down and touch Reset Statistics.