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International Roaming - Arriving at your destination

by Community Manager on ‎28-07-2014 01:32 PM

Connecting to a local network

Turn on your phone or set up your broadband device and it will connect to a local network for you. Some phones/data devices may need to be manually ‘logged on’ to an overseas carrier network. (Refer to your mobile phone's user guide)

You can help to reduce your international roaming costs by turning Data Roaming on your phone settings to "OFF" and turning it to "ON" only when you need it.

Having trouble connecting?


International dialling formats

International dialling formats are required for every call when using International Roaming.

The '+' key required for International Roaming can be accessed by pressing and holding the '0' (zero) key on most mobiles.

If you include the appropriate international prefix whenever you save numbers in your mobile, the numbers will work both in Australia and overseas.

  • To reach an Australian fixed line Dial [+ 61] [ Area code without leading ‘0’] [Phone number]
    EXAMPLE: to call (03) 9999 1234 from any country, dial +61 3 9999 1234
  • To reach an Australian mobile Dial [+61] [Mobile phone number without leading ‘0’] 
    EXAMPLE: to call 0499 123 456 from any country, dial +61 499 123 456
  • To reach a local fixed line within an overseas country Dial [Local Area code] [Local Phone Number]. Dialling the local number in international format will also work.
  • To reach any International fixed line phone Dial [+ Country code] [Area code] [Local Phone Number]
    Remember to take the leading “0” off the normal area code.
  • To receive calls and messages Callers back in Australia can simply dial your mobile number as if you were still in Australia.
    Callers from overseas need to make an international call to you via Australia, even if you’re both in the same country, by dialling:
    [+ 61] [Mobile phone number without leading ‘0’]


Using and retrieving MessageBank® and Voice2Text

If you receive a new message, MessageBank will send you a notification SMS to let you know you have a message waiting. To retrieve messages while overseas call 101.
If you have Voice2Text and the international carrier you are roaming on has SMS capability (find out if SMS is available and how much it costs) your messages will be sent to you via Voice2Text.

If you have a post-paid mobile you can also:

  • Press # 1 0 1 # then press the Send/Call key to receive a call back from MessageBank.
  • Reply to the SMS message by pressing M to receive a call back from MessageBank.


International Roaming data usage information

At the moment, real-time data usage information for International Roaming is not available. Many mobile phones have an internal data counter which you can use to monitor your usage as a guide although we cannot guarantee its accuracy. My Data Usage Meter shows domestic data usage only and is unsuitable as an indicator of International Roaming usage. For information specific to your mobile phone, please refer to your mobile phone's user guide.


Quick reference to adjust these settings on your iPhone™

To reset the internal data counter on your iPhone:
Step 1: Touch Settings
Step 2: Touch General
Step 3: Touch Usage
Step 4: Scroll down and touch Reset Statistics.


Use of Wi-Fi networks instead of mobile data service

In many international destinations, publicly-accessible Wi-Fi networks may be available in airports, hotels, restaurants and cafes. Your smartphone may be able to use these Wi-Fi networks instead of the cellular data service to check emails and use other data applications. The local Wi-Fi operator may apply their own usage or access charges, so please check locally.


Language settings

If you want to use a SIM obtained from a local carrier while travelling in a non-English speaking country, you may need to manually set the language to English. (Refer to your mobile phone's user guide).