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IBM Cloud platform: how to use

by Community Manager on ‎04-03-2015 11:10 AM - edited on ‎07-03-2018 08:25 PM by Community Manager

How to manage your IBM Cloud platform

Your service includes access to several online management portals:

You can access the IBM Cloud platform via the internet or the Telstra private network in your region.


IBM Cloud Customer Portal Telstra's Cloud Services Portal IBM Cloud API Telstra's Cloud Gateway

Use the IBM Cloud Customer Portal to:


  • View quotes in US dollars
  • Configure and order all IBM Cloud platform cloud resources
  • View performance data and test network availability
  • Power servers on and off
  • Manage user permissions
Learn more about the IBM Cloud Customer Portal and mobile application from the IBM Cloud website.

In the Cloud Services Portal you can:


  • Add and remove super administrators
  • Get support from Telstra

Generally, any function available in the IBM Cloud Customer Portal can be performed using the IBM Cloud API (SLAPI). 


The SLAPI has over 3,000 documented methods and supports SOAP, XML-RPC and REST protocols.


A number of service-specific API clients are available in a choice of supported languages on SoftLayer’s GitHub profile.


For help getting started and using the IBM Cloud API, go to the IBM Cloud Development Network to search for specific API methods, access the developer knowledge base and connect with the IBM Cloud developer community.

Cloud Gateway allows you to:


  • View and manage your Cloud Gateway services
  • View and manage your Cloud Gateway connections
  • Add new Cloud Gateway services and connections


User roles and permissions

The first person from your company to register a IBM Cloud platform is automatically assigned the ‘super administrator’ role, with full permissions.


If you have other cloud services with Telstra, all existing super administrators of these services will automatically receive super administrator access to the IBM Cloud platform.


Additional users can be created and existing users removed, through the ‘users’ page in the Cloud Services Portal.


IBM Cloud platform permissions for individual users can be modified in the IBM Cloud Customer Portal. See the IBM Cloud website for more information about managing users.


Backing up your data

Australian customers, if you’re using a Telstra IP network service to connect to a IBM Cloud platform you can configure routing to use Telstra’s Managed Backup service.


Alternatively, the IBM Cloud platform  offers several data backup options, ordered and managed via the IBM Cloud Customer Portal. See the IBM Cloud website for further information.


Cloud Gateway

Cloud Gateway allows you to view and manage all your cloud connections in one place. Once you have purchased IBM Cloud cloud services (from Telstra or another provider), it’s possible to purchase a Cloud Gateway and set up a Cloud Gateway connection to your IBM Cloud platform services.


A Cloud Gateway connection allows you to access your IBM Cloud platform services from your Telstra IP network.


Learn more about Cloud Gateway