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IBM Cloud platform: billing

by Community Manager on ‎04-03-2015 11:00 AM - edited on ‎08-03-2018 11:42 PM by Community Manager

See the IBM Cloud website or IBM Cloud Customer Portal for details of how usage fees are calculated for individual resources.

Pricing – US and Australian dollars


The IBM Cloud platform is sold globally and quoted in a single currency – the US dollar. The IBM Cloud website and the IBM Cloud Customer Portal display pricing in US dollars, and do not include GST.


If your business is in Australia, your bill from Telstra will show prices in Australian dollars. Telstra does not add any pre-GST charges to your IBM Cloud platform purchases. GST will be added on your Telstra bill after the IBM Cloud charge is converted into Australian dollars. Payment is required in Australian dollars, directly to Telstra.


If your business is outside Australia, your bill from Telstra will show prices in the specified currency in your service order form. Payment to Telstra is required in the specified currency, directly to Telstra. For billing enquiries, refer to the last page of your Telstra bill.


Telstra’s IBM Cloud pricing page


Our IBM Cloud pricing page displays US pricing and indicative point-in-time pricing in Australian dollars for pre-configured IBM Cloud services and other selected resources.


IBM Cloud platform invoices


IBM Cloud generates monthly ‘invoices’ to capture usage and configuration details. You should not pay these invoices. The applicable charges are included in your Telstra bill, in Australian dollars or, if you’re outside Australia, the currency specified in your service order form. IBM Cloud platform invoice numbers are displayed on your Telstra bill for cross-referencing. These invoices enable you to track the details of your purchases.


IBM Cloud platform invoices appear only in the IBM Cloud Customer Portal. They are generated as you incur the cost of an individual resource, or on the first day of each calendar month – separate from your Telstra billing cycle.


IBM Cloud platform invoices are generated in advance for monthly services and in arrears for hourly services. A pro-rata amount is charged for any monthly service started or cancelled part-way through a calendar month.


Telstra’s daily exchange rate


For Australian customers, all IBM Cloud platform services are billed by Telstra in Australian dollars. The Telstra daily exchange rate is within a three basis point variance (1 basis point is equivalent to $0.0001) to the Reserve Bank of Australia daily US dollar exchange rate.

We use the IBM Cloud platform invoice date to apply our daily exchange rate for the same day, and to determine whether a purchase qualifies for discounts that may be offered during an advertised period.


When Telstra billing will begin


When you register for the IBM Cloud platform through Telstra you’ll be asked for your purchasing details before gaining access to this service. Charges won’t start until you order services in the IBM Cloud Customer Portal.


Your Telstra bill


If you have multiple Telstra billing IDs, you can select the ID you want your services charged to when you make your first purchase.


You’ll receive a single bill for all cloud services (e.g. IBM Cloud and Telstra) purchased through a billing account. The single bill will have separate sections for each of your different infrastructure services allocated to the same billing account.


Your Telstra bill will display:

  • The IBM Cloud platform invoice number for the billing period
  • The total IBM Cloud charges in US dollars
  • For Australian customers, the applicable daily exchange rate, together with the amount payable in Australian dollars
  • For customers outside Australia, the amount payable in your specified currency.