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How do I transition from Symantec.cloud to Telstra Internet Protection?

by Community Manager on ‎16-05-2019 04:12 PM - edited on ‎17-05-2019 01:26 PM by Community Manager

If you’re affected by the discontinuation of Symantec.cloud services, you can transition to one of our Telstra Internet Protection services.


We recommend ordering Telstra Internet Protection before your Symantec service is cancelled or lapses. Remember to remove your Symantec configuration before you cancel.

If you have an Account Executive, give them a call to discuss your options. If not, call 1300 835 787.


What are the benefits of transitioning to Telstra Internet Protection (TIP)? 


Telstra Internet Protection’s underlying technology provider is Cisco and it offers SLAs (i.e. service availability, antivirus/antispam effectiveness and accuracy, latency and delivery) comparable to Symantec.


You can also purchase a range of optional add-ons such as Identity/O365/LDAP Integration, Advanced Malware Protection (Sandboxing), and AnyConnect (Roaming User Support for web) to complement the baseline security included in our Telstra Internet Protection plans.


Is there an offer in place if I choose to transition to Telstra Internet Protection?


Yes. We're offering a discount on Telstra Internet Protection if you transition by 30 September 2019.


You’ll get a 100% discount on:

  • Standard connection (once off) charge available on one, two and three year plans
  • Monthly fee for Email Image Control* add-on available on one, two and three year plans for the duration of the plan
  • Monthly fee for Email Advance Malware Protection* add-on during the first 12 months available on one, two and three year plans. The add-on will become chargeable from the start of the second year.

Terms and conditions for the offer:

  • Offer is only available to Symantec customers impacted by End of life, transitioning to Telstra Internet Protection – Web, Telstra Internet Protection – Email or Telstra Internet Protection – Web & Email.
  • Offer does not include discounts for once-off or monthly fees related to AnyConnect, Identity, O365 & LDAP Integration add-ons.
  • Offer does not include any additional monthly discounts.


* Email Image Control and Email Advanced Malware Protection add-ons are available with Telstra Internet Protection – Email.


For more information about Telstra Internet Protection:


Telstra Internet Protection Brochure

Telstra Internet Protection Data sheet


How Telstra Internet protection (TIP) and Symantec compare?


MRC = monthly reoccuring charges


Web Security:

Web Security.png             

Email & Web Security:

Email & Web Security.png


Looking for more information?


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