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Dynamic Network: How to Register

by Community Manager ‎04-04-2016 01:47 PM - edited ‎04-04-2016 01:48 PM

Our website has product and pricing information.



Step 1: navigate to our website.


Visit the Dynamic Network page  on our website and select the ‘Get Started’ button.


Step 2: log into Telstra’s Cloud Services Store


If you’re not already logged in, you’ll be asked to enter your login details.

Register if you don’t have Telstra online access.


Existing Telstra customers
If you’re an existing Telstra Business and Enterprise customer register for online access on the login page. Contact your Telstra representative on 1300 835 787 for additional support.


New Telstra customers
Register for a Telstra username and password. Ensure you have an active email and mobile number.


Step 3: complete the Dynamic Network registration form


Once logged in, you’ll be taken to the registration form for Telstra’s Dynamic Network.


Existing Telstra customers 
If you have a business ID attached to your login credentials, you'll need to be a Cloud Authorised Purchaser to buy a virtual server plan.

The Cloud Authorised Purchaser role can be granted through the Telstra Business ‘My Account’ or Telstra Enterprise & Government 'My Telstra Tools' portals by your company's authorised representative. 


New Telstra customers 
You'll need to provide company details such as a valid ABN and an Australian address. You'll also need to provide a mobile number. We'll send you a SMS PIN which you'll need to use to validate your new Telstra account. 

If we can't get in contact with you using the number(s) you provided when you first set up your account, your access to the Cloud Services management console and your virtual servers will be suspended until we hear from you. 


Step 4: order confirmation


The next page provides more information and a link to the Dynamic Network Portal. You’ll also receive an email with details on how to purchase and manage Dynamic Network products using Telstra’s Dynamic Network Portal.

You can log into the Dynamic Network Portal anytime here.