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Cloud Management Platform: billing

by Community Manager on ‎04-07-2016 04:34 PM - edited on ‎02-03-2017 08:13 PM by Community Manager

How to buy



View pricing and product information for Cloud Management Platform:

When Telstra billing will begin

Charging for Cloud Management Platform will begin as soon as your service is active.

Other charges won’t start until you provision cloud services from Cloud Management Platform (via the Cloud Management Platform management console, APIs or CLIs).

Your Telstra bill


You’ll receive a single bill for all cloud services purchased through a Telstra billing account. The single bill will have separate sections for Cloud Management Platform and each additional cloud service purchased through Telstra.

If you’re an Australian customer, your Telstra bill will display the total Cloud Management Platform charges in Australian dollars or, if your business is outside Australia, your bill will display charges in the local or agreed currency.

If you’re an Australian customer with multiple Telstra billing IDs, you can select the ID you want your services charged to when you make your first purchase.

All customers are billed for:

  • Recurring base fees – fixed plans or pay as you go
  • Any excess usage above your core metered usage inclusions for all plans

Excess usage is defined as the cost per virtual machine (VM) hour you’ll be charged if you exceed your included allowance for ‘Automate virtual machines’ or ‘Govern virtual machines’. Learn more about these terms


Terms and conditions

For customers within Australia, refer to the Australian terms of use.

If your business is outside Australia, refer to your Global Business Services Agreement (or other equivalent agreement with a Telstra group company) and Cloud Services Service Schedule (with Cloud Management Platform Attachment). Otherwise, Telstra’s standard Global Business Services Agreement or the standard Cloud Services Service Schedule (with Cloud Management Platform Attachment) or both apply to Cloud Management Platform Services, as required.


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