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Cloud Gateway: how to use

by Community Manager on ‎28-06-2016 12:51 PM - edited on ‎25-05-2017 09:18 PM by Community Manager

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How to add and remove connections
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Cloud Gateway is a simple way to access your cloud services. It allows you to connect to multiple cloud platforms and manage all of your cloud connections in one place.

To access Cloud Gateway, use your Cloud Services credentials.

Not yet a Telstra Cloud Services customer?

Australian customers, register here. If your business is outside Australia, get in touch to register.


Registering for Cloud Gateway
You need to register for access to Cloud Gateway, even if you already have login credentials for our cloud services.

Australian customers
To register, you’ll need your company details, ABN and billing account information.

If you purchased Cloud Gateway while signing up for Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft® Azure from Telstra, we will have also registered you for Cloud Gateway (you won’t need to do this separately).

Customers outside Australia
Simply log in, then fill out and submit the service order form to complete your registration.

Accessing Cloud Gateway
You can access Cloud Gateway directly via the management console or by signing in to the Cloud Services Portal. On the portal homepage, select ‘Access Cloud Gateway’ to be redirected to the Cloud Gateway management console.

Using Cloud Gateway
It’s important to understand the difference between a Cloud Gateway and a Cloud Gateway connection.

Cloud Gateway
Think of your Cloud Gateway like an organising container. It’s the service that houses your Cloud Gateway connections and to which you allocate bandwidth.
There are two types of bandwidth you can allocate to your Cloud Gateway:

  • Bandwidth for accessing cloud services purchased through Telstra
  • Bandwidth for accessing cloud services purchased through other providers

You don’t have to allocate both types of bandwidth right away. If you’re only accessing cloud services purchased through Telstra, for example, you would only allocate the first type of bandwidth above.

If you later purchase cloud services from another provider and want to access these via the same Cloud Gateway, you can always add the second type of bandwidth then. At that point you’ll start being charged for both types of bandwidth on your monthly bill.

Learn more about purchasing Cloud Gateway

Cloud Gateway connection
Once you’ve purchased a Cloud Gateway, you can begin adding Cloud Gateway connections. Before you can add a connection, you’ll need:

  • An existing Telstra IP network service
  • An existing cloud services subscription

Each Cloud Gateway connection provides access to a specific cloud platform, for which you have an existing subscription. The same Cloud Gateway can be used to group multiple Cloud Gateway connections.

Each connection can only be allocated one type of bandwidth, depending on where you purchased the cloud services being accessed by that connection.

Learn more about setting up Cloud Gateway connections