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Cloud Gateway: add and remove connections

by Community Manager on ‎13-04-2017 02:21 PM - edited on ‎25-05-2017 09:19 PM by Community Manager

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Before you can add a Cloud Gateway connection, you’ll need: 

  1. An existing Cloud Gateway. Learn more about purchasing Cloud Gateway.
  2. An existing Telstra IP network service. Don’t have one? Contact your Telstra representative. Don’t know who that is? Call 1300 835 787 or, if you’re outside Australia, get in touch.
  3. An existing cloud services subscription (purchased through Telstra or another provider).

Once your Cloud Gateway has been provisioned, you can add one or more Cloud Gateway connections to it. You’ll receive a subscription ID for your Cloud Gateway, as well as individual subscription IDs for each Cloud Gateway connection you add.


1. Log in to Cloud Gateway Using your Cloud Services credentials, log in to the Cloud Gateway management console.
2. Select a Cloud Gateway Select the Cloud Gateway to which you’d like to add a Cloud Gateway connection.
3. Select the ‘plus sign’ icon Once you’ve selected your Cloud Gateway, three icons will appear. Select the icon displaying a plus sign.
4. Enter your private network information Enter your Telstra IP network FNN (Australian customers) or Master Service ID (customers outside Australia). If you don’t have a Telstra IP network, contact your Telstra representative. Don’t know who that is? Australian customers, call us on 1300 835 787. If you’re outside Australia, get in touch.
5. Check the correct Cloud Gateway is highlighted Ensure you have the correct Cloud Gateway highlighted (the one to which you’ll be adding this Cloud Gateway connection).
6. Select your cloud services subscription If applicable, choose the cloud services subscription you’d like to access using this Cloud Gateway connection.
If you want to locate cloud services that you’ve purchased through another provider, select ‘Connect to public cloud services from a provider other than Telstra’ and follow the prompts.
7. Complete the connection order form Complete the fields for setting up your Cloud Gateway connection. These will vary slightly, depending on the cloud services you want to access.
The Cloud Gateway User Guide has more details – you’ll get access to this when you purchase Cloud Gateway.
8. Review and submit


Review your order details and select ‘Purchase’. There is a set-up fee each Cloud Gateway connection you add.

9. We’ll confirm your order We’ll email you to confirm your order. From there, the time it takes us to set up your connection depends on the Cloud Gateway connection you request:
• Amazon Web Services (AWS) – 5 business days
• Microsoft Services (Azure) – 3 business days
• VMware vCloud® Air™ – 9 business days
• SoftLayer® platform services – 14 business days
• Virtual Storage powered by NetApp® – 5 business days
10. Configure your Cloud Gateway connection

 Once we’ve set up your Cloud Gateway connection, we’ll email you details to confirm this, along with the steps you need to take to finalise the configuration.

Removing a Cloud Gateway connection

  1. Contact us to let us know of your intention to disconnect a cloud service. We’ll email you once the cancellation is complete.