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Amazon Web Services: how to use

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Amazon Web Services: how to use

Your service includes access to several online management portals:

    • Telstra’s Cloud Services Portal
    • AWS Management Console
    • AWS mobile application

Additionally, if you’ve connected AWS to the Telstra IP network service through Cloud Gateway, you can access:

  • The Cloud Gateway management console (Australian customers only)

Alternatively, you can use AWS CLIs or APIs for automation and greater control.



Use the AWS Management Console to:


  • Configure all AWS cloud services
  • Manage AWS Management Console user permissions
  • View service and resource availability
  • Select a region for your service
  • Power servers on and off

Learn more about the AWS Management Console and mobile application from the AWS website.

In the Cloud Services Portal you can:


  • Add and remove super administrators
  • Request support from Telstra
  • Access the AWS Management console


You can simplify AWS management using APIs customised for various programming languages and platforms including:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Java
  • .NET
  • Node.js
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • Go

You can also manage AWS from a CLI tool available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Unix systems.


Cloud Gateway allows you to:

  • View and manage your Cloud Gateway services
  • View and manage your Cloud Gateway connections
  • Add new Cloud Gateway services and connections


* Only available if you’ve connected to the Telstra IP network service through Cloud Gateway




If AWS is the first cloud service your company has ordered through Telstra, the person completing the registration is created as a new user and assigned the super administrator role with full permissions within Telstra’s Cloud Services Portal.


Additional super administrator users can be created and existing users removed, through the ‘users’ page in the Cloud Services Portal.


If your company already has existing super administrators, they will all automatically receive access to your company’s AWS subscription through the AWS Management Console, though you’ll need to create a permission policy and grant permissions to users for the actions they can perform. See the AWS website for more information about managing users in the AWS Management Console.


Removing Cloud Services Portal users


A super administrator has permission to remove other super administrators via the Cloud Services Portal.




After you submit the AWS registration form, we’ll send you an email with your username, temporary password and a URL that’ll allow you to connect to the AWS Management Console.


You can then use the AWS Management Console to add, manage and remove AWS specific roles.


  • AWS specific roles and associated permissions can be customised or created by a super administrator within the AWS Management Console. Any customised AWS specific roles you create will appear in the ‘users’ page of Telstra’s Cloud Services Portal, available to be assigned to any user. 
  • When assigning AWS specific roles in the ‘users’ page of the Cloud Services Portal, the option of network administrator will always appear by default. 
  • By default, only your company’s super administrators have full permissions to order and configure AWS resources and manage your service through the AWS Management Console. They don’t need to add any AWS specific roles in Telstra’s Cloud Services Portal. 
  • AWS roles do not start with any permissions to order or manage AWS resources through the AWS Management Console – however AWS specific user roles can be added.

The AWS network administrator role allows the user to manage network configuration through the AWS Management Console, which – for Australian customers – is necessary to be able to complete configuration for your Cloud Gateway connection to AWS.


Cloud Gateway


Cloud Gateway allows you to view and manage all your cloud connections – including your AWS cloud connections and any others you might have – in one place.


Cloud Gateway can be used to access AWS cloud services purchased from Telstra or from other providers. If you have also purchased AWS from another provider, log into the Cloud Gateway management console to set up a connection to your existing cloud service.


You’ll still need to use the AWS management console to finalise configuration for all AWS connections.


See our Amazon WebServices: network connections knowledge article for details on how to register and connect.


Learn more about Cloud Gateway