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Amazon Web Services: how to buy

by Community Manager ‎16-07-2015 12:01 PM - edited ‎01-12-2016 04:08 PM

How to use

Network connections





AWS provides a broad set of global compute, storage, database analytics, applications and deployment services designed to help you quickly build and deploy sophisticated, scalable applications.

You’ll need to register for AWS through Telstra’s before you can buy AWS resources.


Are you new to Telstra?


You'll need Telstra online access to purchase and manage our cloud services.


If your business is outside Australia, contact us to find out how to register.


If your business is within Australia, create a new username and password, and register a new Telstra account for your company. See the ‘Australian customers’ section below for more details.


Connect your work account – Microsoft® Azure Active Directory


To register for Amazon Web Services (AWS), you need to connect your existing work account to our directory service. Having this link gives you access to your organisation’s Telstra cloud services (including AWS) without having to enter another username or password.


Is Microsoft® Azure Active Directory already your directory service? If your organisation already uses Microsoft services such as Office 365 or OneDrive for Business™ you’ll already have an existing Azure Active Directory work account that you can use. If not, you can create one here.


Need to check if you’re already connected? If you already have access to Telstra’s Cloud Services Portal, you can log in, select the users tab and check if you already have your Azure Active Directory work account connected to our directory service. If not, you can connect it from there.


We’ll also step you through the details above when you go to purchase AWS.


Once you’ve submitted your AWS order


We'll create your AWS account and email you your AWS Management Console access details within a few minutes of submitting your order.

Once registered you can:

  • Configure AWS resources through the AWS Management Console
  • Manage super administrator users through Telstra’s Cloud Services Portal
  • Manage AWS users through the AWS Management Console
  • Get support from Telstra

Find out more about how to use AWS.



View our website’s pricing guide for details and our billing knowledge article for more information about pricing and billing.


Australian customers


Cloud Gateway


For Australian customers, AWS from Telstra is offered with Cloud, giving you secure and private access to your cloud services. You can also use Cloud Gateway to connect to cloud services that you’ve bought from another provider, including AWS.


Learn more about Cloud Gateway


You can contact your Telstra representative with any questions about the following. If you’re not sure who that is, contact us on 1300 835 787. We’re available Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm (AEST).


You’ll need an existing Telstra connection


Before you can order Cloud Gateway with your purchase of AWS cloud services from Telstra, you need to have an existing Telstra IP network service.

Note: you must have an existing VPN if you choose to connect using a Telstra IP network service. 


Choosing how to connect


As part of the AWS order form you’ll be asked to select whether you want to connect to your Cloud Gateway service using an existing Telstra IP network service or a point-to-point optical or Ethernet network connection to AWS at 1Gbps or 10Gbps bandwidth.

  • If you choose to connect via a Telstra IP network service, all the details we need are contained in the order form. Choosing this option means you’ll have access to Cloud Gateway.
  • If you choose to connect via optical or Ethernet, you’ll be instructed to contact us to complete your connection. Choosing this option does not include Cloud Gateway, at this time.

Setting up a Cloud Gateway connection via a Telstra IP network service takes up to five business days. We’ll send you an email once it’s ready to be configured.


You’ll need an ABN To purchase AWS cloud services you must have an Australian Business Number (ABN). These services are charged in Australian dollars by Telstra. It’s possible for an international office of business with an Australian Telstra account to access AWS cloud services via the internet.


When charging will begin


Charging for the monthly business level support service will begin immediately. View our website’s pricing guide for more information.


Other charges won’t start until you provision cloud services from AWS (via the AWS Management Console, APIs or CLIs) or your Cloud Gateway purchase has been processed, whichever occurs first.


We’ll email your company within five business days from your order when your Cloud Gateway connection is complete.


The further configuration will be required by you to establish connectivity.