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Why do I need to connect my Virtual Storage service to Telstra’s Cloud Gateway?

by Community Manager ‎25-05-2017 05:49 PM - edited ‎05-06-2017 02:39 PM

As part of the activation of your Virtual Storage service, you’ll need to make sure you connect it to Telstra’s Cloud Gateway. This is to ensure a simple, scalable and secure connection to your Virtual Storage service from your Telstra IP network service. It’s also how network traffic generated by your Virtual Storage service is measured.


If you already have Cloud Gateway with us and you’ve allocated enough bandwidth for your Virtual Storage service, once you purchase Virtual Storage you can simply add a Cloud Gateway connection to your virtual storage array(s).


Remember, if you’ve purchased enough bandwidth in Cloud Gateway, you can also share your Cloud Gateway bandwidth across the other cloud services you add to it.


Use of the Virtual Storage and Cloud Gateway services appear separately on your bill.


Your Cloud Gateway status

The Cloud Gateway management console displays the amount of bandwidth allocated to your Cloud Gateway and how much has been allocated to your Cloud Gateway connections.


If you don’t have Cloud Gateway, you can find out more by submitting an enquiry form or purchase it now.


If you don’t have a Telstra IP network service, contact us or your Telstra representative. Don’t know who that is? Call 1300 835 787.


You can view all your cloud services in Telstra’s Cloud Services Portal.


Learn more about Cloud Gateway and how it works