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Which areas of the Cloud Management Platform attract Manage and Automate fees?

by Community Manager ‎25-07-2017 03:30 PM - edited ‎25-07-2017 03:40 PM

There are three tiers of Cloud Management Platform functionality: Govern, Manage and Automate.


Govern is the basis of all service plans and allows you to connect various resource pools and see the costs associated with resources running in any public or private cloud or onsite bare-metal installation.


You incur Manage or Automate fees whenever RightLink (RightScale's server agent) is installed on a virtual machine (VM) in any public or private cloud via the Cloud Management Platform.


The Manage functionality allows you to deploy and execute scripts and have these activities logged and audited.


Automate lets you deploy monitoring and alerting to your server instances, plus use these functions to self-heal your servers and manage their lifecycle.


Here we show how you might incur Manage or Automate fees in the Cloud Management Platform.


Cloud Management Platform menus


Menu items highlighted in green can be used as part of the Govern tier without requiring the Manage or Automate tier. All menu items highlighted in magenta may incur Manage or Automate fees.


Everything in the Manage menu (below) relates to adjusting existing infrastructure. There are no additional fees for these actions. 






Under Design, Credentials and Widgets aren’t related to the RightLink agent so are free to be used as part of the Govern tier. Still under Design, ServerTemplates, RightScripts and MultiCloud Images may result in using the RightLink agent via scripts – please note this when using these options. These options can be used as part of the Govern tier if they do not result in creating RightLink agents on VMs. Alert Escalations require a RightLink agent to be installed on the specific VM. Account Library and Repositories relate to publishing ServerTemplates, RightScripts and MultiCloud Images on the MultiCloud Marketplace so may result in using RightLink agents.




When adding a new instance or new image, care should be taken to avoid creating an instance/image with a RightLink agent as this may incur fees. All other menu options are non-VM related so will not incur fees.


Instances & Servers menu


Below shows how a server from each tier displays on the Instances & Servers page.


All Govern tier VMs will appear with the pink In icon (instance). All VMs with the RightLink agent installed (Manage, Automate) will appear with the orange SI icon (server instance).


Note that the Automate tier VMs display CPU usage, while Govern and Manage VMs only show running/stopped.