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What is the difference between Cloud Gateway and Cloud Gateway connections?

by Community Manager on ‎28-06-2016 02:35 PM - edited on ‎13-04-2017 02:30 PM by Community Manager

Cloud Gateway is a simple way to access your cloud services. It allows you to connect to multiple cloud platforms and manage your cloud connections in one place.


Once you’ve purchased a Cloud Gateway, you can then add connections to it. These are called Cloud Gateway connections.


Each Cloud Gateway connection gives you access to a nominated cloud platform. You can use Cloud Gateway connections to access cloud services purchased from Telstra and/or purchased from providers other than Telstra.


Cloud Gateway connections use bandwidth from the allocation of bandwidth you originally purchased for your Cloud Gateway. The Cloud Gateway management console displays this bandwidth, as well as the amount you’ve allocated to your Cloud Gateway connection(s).


You are billed based on this original allocation and for some of the changes you make to your Cloud Gateway connection(s) – you won’t be charged for bandwidth upgrades.


Learn more about modifying bandwidth (for modification fees, you can contact your Telstra representative, view the fees when you select ‘modify’ on Cloud Gateway or one of its connections in the Cloud Gateway management console, or access the pricing guide in the console).If you’ve allocated more bandwidth to your Cloud Gateway than is currently being used by your Cloud Gateway connections, you’ll have extra bandwidth available for future Cloud Gateway connections.