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What is the Telstra Event Detection (TED) API?

by Community Manager ‎08-05-2018 04:52 PM - edited ‎08-05-2018 04:56 PM

Q – What is the Telstra Event Detection (TED) API?

A – The Telstra Event Detection (TED) API is a subscription based service from Telstra that enables Customer to be alerted when a particular network event is detected that may indicate there is fraudulent misuse of an end users mobility service about to occur.


Q - What are the network events that the TED API can detect?

A – Currently the TED API is able to detect a bundle of events associated with Telstra SIM SWAPs.


Q- Can TED API detect number porting between operators other than Telstra? E.g. Optus to Vodafone?

A – No we don’t report these type of events in this release.

Q – How quickly are the network events detected?

A – This will vary depending on the event being detected, but generally we detect the event within a couple of seconds of it occurring and notify subscribers within near real time via the API.

Q – How long does Telstra store the event data for?

A – Event data is stored for 90 days from the occurrence of the event and then securely purged.


Q - Is there a limit to the number of subscribed mobile numbers I can have for the Telstra Event Detection API?

A – No. You may have as many Telstra Event Detection API subscribed mobile numbers as you require within practical limits.

Q – Why is monitoring for SIM SWAP events important?

A – Criminals are becoming much more savvy and will often try to circumvent two factor authentication protocols, by swapping the SIM card for a particular mobile number in order to gain fraudulent access to the users service. Monitoring for SIM SWAP events can provide early detection that this is occurring and help prevent criminals from being successful in their endeavours.

Q – If an end user is currently a customer of a Telstra Reseller that still utilises the Telstra Network, am I able to detect their Network events?

A – No. Telstra resellers such as Aldi Mobile are a Virtual Mobile Network Operator (MVNO) customer that operate as totally independent businesses to Telstra. Telstra SIM Swap API does not monitor MNVO network events in this release.

Q – How do I purchase Telstra Event Detection API?

A – At the moment Telstra Event detection API is only available through your Telstra Account Manager.

Q – What support options are available for the Telstra Event Detection API?

A –We provide 24/7 telephone based technical support along with email support and online community forum.

Q – Do you detect network events from another carrier?

A – TED API detects network events that associated with the Telstra network and Telstra service.

Q- Which Telstra personnel have access to the event detection data?

A – Access to Telstra Event Detection data is restricted to only Telstra personnel that require access for the purposes of providing the service.

Q – Why should I purchase the Telstra Event Detection API from Telstra?

A – As the network events are occurring on the Telstra network, Telstra is in a position to be able to provide fast notifications of an event as it is occurring, helping subscribers to prevent fraudulent activity from occurring and to minimise the resulting financial losses.

Q – If I require assistance setting up my Telstra Event Detection API, are there any Professional Services options available to me?

A – At the current time, the Telstra Event Detection API does not have any Professional Service options available.

Q – What subscription options are available for Telstra Event Detection API?

A – There is a Pay As You Go (PAYG) plan or 12 Month contract option available.

Q – Do Early Termination Charges (ETC’s) apply?

A – If you have subscribed to a 12 month plan and want to terminate the plan or downgrade to a lower plan before the expiry of your existing 12 month term, ETC’s will apply.

Q – How are Early Termination Charges (ETC’s) Calculated?

A – If you are on a 12 month contract for the TED API and your agreement with Telstra is terminated for any reason (other than our material breach) before the end of the 12 month minimum term, we may charge you any waived service charges. In addition, you will be deemed to have been on a PAYG plan from the start of your subscription term until the date of termination. The applicable charges for your receipt of the TED API will therefore be recalculated in accordance with the PAYG plan terms based on your actual consumption during the relevant period. Where this recalculation results in you owing additional charges to Telstra under the PAYG plan, you are required to pay the difference between the charges you have already paid under your 12 month contract and the charges that are due as a result of your conversion to a PAYG plan for the relevant period. ETCs are therefore calculated as follows:
ETC = B – A
A = the total fees already paid by you under your 12 month contract up to the date of termination; and
B = the amount that is payable by you under a PAYG plan up to the date of termination based on your actual monthly consumption.
Where the recalculation does not result in you owing additional charges to Telstra, no Early Termination Charge is payable by you, but you are not entitled to a refund from Telstra.