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Virtual Server (Shared): resources and add-ons

by Community Manager on ‎15-06-2015 04:53 PM - edited on ‎10-01-2018 01:45 PM by Community Manager

What are virtual server resources?

Virtual server resources - such as CPU, RAM, public IP addresses, storage and internet access - are used to configure and customise a virtual server.
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Are unused virtual server resources rolled over to the next month?

Hours are not rolled over at the end of each month.


What are virtual server add-ons?

Once your virtual server plan is activated, you can request data import and software at any time from the Cloud Services management console. We also offer security and network add-ons.

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I'm an international customer. What are my network options?

Customers can access virtual servers in international locations using a Global IP VPN network connection, which has over 1,400 access points in 230 countries and regions, including extensive in-country reach in key Asian markets.

You'll need to contact the customer service team in your region to request a Global IP VPN network connection.

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How do I buy software through Telstra for my virtual servers?

If you have a virtual server (shared) or managed virtual server (dedicated) service, you can request software to be installed by us on any new virtual server you create in the Cloud Services management consoleWe install the software before handing over control of your new virtual server to you.


What are the benefits of buying software through Telstra?

You'll save time researching and negotiating prices and draw on our longstanding relationships with major software providers.You also receive your cloud infrastructure and Telstra-purchased software details on the same bill.


How is the software provided and billed?

The software service you buy through us is provided and billed on either a per user or per server per month basis.


Where software is provided per user, you'll be charged based on the number of users you've purchased for (not on the number of users who have used the software). The charge is calculated based on your peak user count in your billing month. For example, if you register 10 users with the software you request and halfway through the month you modify your count to 20 users, you will be charged for 20 users for that billing month. This is regardless of whether the server is switched on or off.


For software that's charged per server, we calculate the monthly fee based on the maximum number of CPU on your virtual server for that billing month. There is no pro rata billing for this model - payment is by the month no matter when in the month the software is installed or uninstalled.


All software requested through the management console is charged on top of your virtual server plan.


What do I need to ensure before submitting a request for a new virtual server with software?

You'll find these details listed in our software catalogue and you'll also be reminded of any requirements during the online ordering process.You need to be an existing customer with a Cloud Services management console login to submit a request for software.


Who manages the software running on my server(s) once Telstra has installed it?

Once we've successfully installed the software you've requested for your new virtual server(s), it's your responsibility to source any help you might need for set-up, configuration, usage, upgrades and ongoing management of the software.We do not provide any software support.


Can I make any modifications to my software service once I've purchased it and had it installed through Telstra?

Yes, email us if you want to cancel software, change the number of CPUs associated with your software, or if you want to increase or decrease your number of users.


Can I use trial software on my virtual server plan?

As part of our agreements with software providers, we are not permitted to download and install trial versions of software for you on your virtual server(s).


Whether you can download and install trial versions of software on your virtual server(s) will depend on the terms of the software trial licence.


What if I no longer need the software installed on my virtual server(s)?

It's your responsibility to first uninstall any software you no longer need from your virtual server(s) - remember to back up your data before you do.


Once you've uninstalled the software, email us with notification so we can cancel the software on your behalf. If the software you're cancelling is billed monthly on a per user or per server basis, you'll still be charged for the entire month.