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Virtual Server (Shared): how to buy and use

by Community Manager on ‎15-06-2015 04:42 PM - edited on ‎11-12-2017 05:12 PM by Community Manager

How do I start?

To begin using our cloud products and services, you need to select and purchase at least one plan. You can purchase additional plans at any time.


I'm a customer based in Australia. How do I buy a plan?

New customers

If you're a new customer, choose one of our Cloud Services and continue through the checkout process to register for a Telstra username and password. Ensure you have an active email and mobile number.

Once registered your username and password will be limited to purchasing virtual server plans and accessing the management console.

You'll be allocated the Cloud Authorised Purchaser role by default.


Existing Telstra customers

If you're an existing Telstra Business or Telstra Enterprise & Government customer, your login credentials are the same as those you use for either the My Account or Your Telstra Tools portals. If you are your company's authorised representative, the Cloud Authorised purchaser role is automatically assigned to you.


If you are not your company's authorised representative, you'll need to have the Cloud Authorised Purchaser role assigned to you by your company's authorised representative.


To assign the Cloud Authorised Purchaser role:


Step 1 - Log into your Telstra customer portal

Step 2 - Select the user


Select 'Update Product Access' from the user's details page.


Step 3 - Assign cloud user permissions



  • Cloud Authorised Purchaser - authorisation to purchase cloud services.

You may also want to assign the role of:

  • Cloud Administrator - authorisation to access the Cloud Services management console and manage your cloud solution on behalf of your company.

You should now be able to sign in to place your order.

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Note: if you don't have online access to one of these portals, but are an existing customer, you can register for online access.


I'm an international customer. How do I buy a plan?

You'll need to contact the customer service team in your region in order to buy virtual server plans and select from our range of virtual server add-ons. Only our customers based in Australia can currently buy online.

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What is a virtual server?

A virtual server is a software implementation of a server which behaves exactly like a physical server but is not tied to physical hardware.


What's the difference between a virtual server and a physical server?

While a physical server takes time to deploy, virtual servers can be created and up and running comparatively quickly. You can easily add virtual servers, and alter their configuration (i.e. CPU or RAM).


What virtual server plans are available?

We offer flexible virtual server plans - subscription and PAYG. There's a range of plans to suit businesses from small operators to large enterprises.


Our five monthly subscription plans offer businesses cost predictability to budget and plan.


The PAYG plan gives you the freedom to select the ICT resources you need.


What's included in the five subscription plans?

Each of the five subscription plans include a combination of virtual server resources such as CPU, RAM, public IP addresses, storage and internet usage.

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What's included in the PAYG plan?

You pay for virtual server resources - CPU, RAM, public IP addresses, storage and internet access - based only on your usage


For details about the way we calculate your usage, see the ‘Pay As You Go’ section on the relevant Gen1 pricing guide.


Can I set up more than one virtual server?

Yes. You can set up as many virtual servers as you need with the PAYG plan.


How do I buy multiple plans?

If you're a customer based in Australia, you can buy additional plans through this website.

If you're a customer based outside of Australia, you'll need to contact the customer service team in your region.


Can I change my plan(s)?

If you update your plan part way through the current billing month, the changes will take effect at the start of your next monthly billing cycle. You’ll continue to have access to your existing plan’s resources until your new plan is active.


You’ll be charged the new plan’s monthly subscription fee from the beginning of your next monthly billing cycle.

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Where do I go for help on how to choose a plan?

Start by comparing our plans on offer. If you want to talk to someone, contact our customer services team in your region or your Telstra representative.