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Virtual Server (Shared): charges and billing

by Community Manager on ‎16-06-2015 08:16 AM - edited on ‎11-12-2017 08:45 PM by Community Manager

How are subscription plans charged?

Subscription plans are billed per month and include an allocation of resources. Any excess usage of IP addresses, CPU, RAM and storage is charged per hour.

Any excess internet usage is charged by GB.

You won’t be charged CPU and RAM fees for a virtual server in ‘Powered off’ or ‘Suspended’ power state.

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What if I exceed any usage on my monthly plan?

Don't worry if you use more than what you thought. If you go over your plan you'll only pay competitive additional usage fees.

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How is the PAYG plan charged?

You pay for virtual server resources - CPU, RAM, public IP addresses, storage and internet access - based only on your usage.

CPU and RAM are charged per virtual server, per hour. Charges for CPU and RAM do not accrue on a virtual server in ‘Powered off’ or ‘Suspended’ mode. Storage and public IP addresses are charged per hour allocated to a virtual server, regardless of the virtual server’s power state.

Some pre-selected operating systems come free with the PAYG plan. Other operating systems are charged per-hour while the operating system is installed.

Internet usage is charged based on the amount of traffic transferred in and out of your virtual servers.

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How are CPU and RAM charged?

PAYG and subscription plans charge CPU and RAM differently. PAYG charges a combination of CPU and RAM per hour. Each subscription plan includes a certain amount of CPU and RAM hours - any additional CPU and RAM is charged individually per hour. For both PAYG and subscription plans, CPU and RAM usage will not accrue on a virtual server while it’s in ‘Powered off’ or ‘Suspended’ mode.


How is data transfer charged?

Subscription plans include a certain amount of internet usage (data transferred in and out). All additional data transferred in and out of virtual servers is charged per GB. PAYG internet usage is charged per GB on a monthly basis.

When transferring data to/from a virtual server over your private Telstra Next IP® network or your Global IP VPN network, you'll be charged for the internet access according to your private network contract. There are no additional charges for data that is transferred between virtual servers.

If you have a lot a data to transfer to your virtual server to get up and running, consider using our data import service.


How is storage charged?

Storage is charged on an hourly basis and corresponds to the time a GB of storage is allocated to a virtual server.


How are public IP addresses charged?

IP addresses are charged on an hourly basis and correspond to the time a public IP address is allocated to a virtual server.


Do I pay for the operating system?

Operating systems are included with monthly plans. Some operating systems are included with the PAYG plan ‐ some are charged at an hourly rate.

Our pricing guides contain the full list of operating system fees.


How will I be billed?

All plan charges and additional usage and add-on fees will be charged to your Telstra account.


How does billing work if I have multiple accounts?

If you have multiple Telstra billing IDs, you can select the ID you want your services charged to when you make your first purchase.

Read the Account Management User Guide to find out how you can separate your billing.

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Do I have to pay for my virtual server even if I’m not using it?

You’ll be charged for your virtual server plan, and any additional resources you use, from the date it is set up until the time your virtual server is deactivated.

CPU and RAM usage does not accrue on a virtual server while it’s in ‘Powered off’ or ‘Suspended’ mode.