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Virtual Server (Dedicated) Gen2: resources and add-ons

by Community Manager on ‎21-12-2017 05:37 PM

How do I add a blade?

You can request blades from Cloud Services management console. Choose Add Blade/Storage and select Blade from the dropdown list in the the Dedicated resources section. See the Virtual Server (Dedicated) Gen2 user guide for details.


How do I remove a blade?

Removing a blade is upon request. You must contact us to remove blades, ensuring any virtual servers using resources on the blade won’t be affected by its removal. Early termination costs may apply.


How do I add and downsize storage?

Manage storage through the Cloud Services management console. The Dedicated resources section allows you to perform these functions. See the Virtual Server (Dedicated) Gen2 user guide for details.


How do I request a backup?

Contact your Telstra representative to request the Managed Backup service.


Can Telstra install and manage my operating systems and software?

No. You need to provide and license the operating system and application(s) required for this service.


How do I access my bill?

Your Telstra cloud email login username can’t be used to view your bill. The only way to access your bill online is to create an additional user account associated with the billing account linked to your cloud accounts. Go to the Telstra Business’ registration page to create the additional user account. If you are a Telstra customer based in Australia, after registering you’ll be able to use the new user account to log into the Cloud Services management console and view your online bill.