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Virtual Server (Dedicated) Gen2 : about the service

by Community Manager on ‎21-12-2017 05:46 PM

What is Virtual Server (Dedicated) Gen2?

A reliable and scalable platform to deliver applications and services over the internet or private network from cloud locations across the globe. Create your own secure virtual data centre and deploy applications consistently across locations using a single management console for greater control to deliver performance and availability to suit your requirements; choose monthly or yearly terms to suit your project.


What are the features and benefits of Virtual Server (Dedicated) Gen2?


High Performance with M4 blades and storage dedicated to your use, so that your applications is not competing with other cloud customers.

SAP HANA TDI compliant blades to support your SAP HANA workloads.

High Availability with additional capacity to provide resilience and business continuity in the event of blade failure. You specify the percentage of blade failures you want to protect against. Benefits:

• Dynamically tiered storage maximises performance and minimises cost.

• Cloud locations in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.

• Monthly or annual term (1, 2, 3 year) with term discounts.

• Cloud Services management console to add, change, remove services and reporting.

• Add a partner to your account to manage your environment on your behalf.


How does it work?

Create a virtual data centre in your chosen location. Start with a minimum of two chassis-based blade servers, processing capacity is dedicated to your use and blades are physically separate from other cloud customers.

Blades are deployed into clusters to provide capacity and logical segmentation for networking, security and billing.

Access the virtualisation layer to create your own virtual servers or let Telstra manage this for you.

You pay for blades, storage and access to virtualisation management or Telstra managed virtualisation; plus add ons.


What is a virtual data centre?

A virtual data centre is a collection of Virtual Server (Dedicated) Gen2 resources such as compute, memory, storage and networking.It’s a virtual representation of a physical data centre complete with blades, storage clusters and networking components hosted in any of our actual data centres.


What is a cluster?

A cluster is a grouping of the blades and storage you need to run your virtual servers. Virtual servers are then associated with a cluster. A cluster must contain a minimum of two blades. For more details, see the Virtual Server (Dedicated) Gen2 user guide


How much storage can I have?

Each blade is allocated 1,000GB (1TB) of storage by default. You can add to or reduce your datastore*. The maximum size of a datastore is 8TB. *A datastore is a unit of storage assigned to a cluster. For more details, see the Virtual Server (Dedicated) Gen2 user guide


Which Australian data centres provide a Virtual Server (Dedicated) Gen2 service? Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.


I’m a customer based in Australia. How do I buy Virtual Server (Dedicated) Gen2 services?

Contact your Telstra representative and ask for an application form.


I’m an international customer. Can I buy a service?

This service is not offered outside Australia. Contact the customer service team in your region for details on the services available to you.