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Q - What is the Telstra Wireless M2M Control Centre?

The Telstra Wireless M2M Control Centre is a device connectivity management platform for M2M and IoT services. Control Centre Advanced has a feature rich set of rules-based automation to make the make the management of connected devices easier.


Q - Can I utilise basic Control Centre features if I do not wish to purchase Control Centre Advanced?

Yes. Control Centre (basic offering) is available to all customers who purchase an M2M connectivity solution. However, this option provides limited functionality in terms of automation rules, alerts and reporting. We encourage you to explore the benefits of Control Centre Advanced features and how they may be of benefit to your business.


Q - How can Control Centre Advanced add value to my business?

Control Centre Advanced offers additional capability in terms of Automation Rules, Filters, Actions and Reporting. This will provide you with the tools to help enhance security, improve operational efficiency, improve service reliability and support greater cost control.


Q - What business challenges can the Telstra Wireless M2M Control Centre Advanced help me with?

The Telstra Wireless M2M Control Centre Advanced can help to simplify device management, minimise security risks, provide you with insights into service and business performance for greater operational control and help to minimise labour costs and unexpected overages. The online SIM ordering capability also makes the order and activation process simple and quick to effect.


Q - How is the Platform delivered?

Telstra has partnered with Cisco Jasper to bring our customers the Telstra Wireless M2M Control Centre. Our partnership commenced in 2010. It is a cloud based platform that offers connectivity to IoT devices via the internet or VPN.


Q - Why would I benefit from purchasing this platform from Telstra?

We were the first Australian carrier to partner with Cisco/ Jasper to deliver an IoT connectivity platform in Australia and therefore we are committed to ongoing enhancements, protecting your IoT investment. This platform has an API integration into our other leading IoT platform, providing you with a central view of mobile service data. Our support, knowledge and experience will help you get maximum value from the capability availability, giving you greater visibility, efficiency and control of your connected devices.


Q - Can I trial the Control Centre capability, network speed and coverage before I commit to a purchase?

Our M2M Starter Kit is available to let you ‘try before you buy’. It is a complimentary 90 days offering comprising five SIM cards with 50 MB per data and 50 SMS per month each. Click here to order.