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Telstra Track & Monitor™ FAQs

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What is Telstra Track and Monitor?

Telstra Track and Monitor is an IoT solution that gives you automated, mapped visibility of your moving assets at scale. Leveraging new Telstra innovations, data on your assets’ location and condition is collected by IoT devices and sent via cost efficient network technologies to be displayed on a simple, intuitive portal. For additional information on how the solution works, refer to Telstra.com/assettracking


How long does the battery last on each device and how do I charge it?

Battery life will vary depending on the movement of each asset and will also depend on device use/configuration and surrounding conditions. Customers can check the status of their batteries any time in the Telstra Track and Monitor Portal


*Battery life depends on device use/configuration and surrounding conditions.


How often is the location and condition of my asset tracked?

» Telstra Track and Monitor CAT-M1 Solar Tracking Unit

The device automatically adjusts its location collection and reporting frequency depending on whether it is moving or stationary. By default, it will collect GPS locations every 1 minute and report them every 10 minutes while moving. While stationary, the device reports its location once every 4 hours.  Where the tracker battery reduces below a normal level, the tracker automatically reduces its GPS scan and upload interval.


What conditions can my device withstand?

All devices are certified to IP68 ingress protection standards.


How accurate is Telstra Track and Monitor? 

There is a number of factors that can impact the accuracy of your last known location, including device type, access to network and GPS and whether the device is moving.


What are the different networks that Telstra Track and Monitor uses?                                                                                        

Each device type connects to different elements of the Telstra Network as follows:

» Telstra Track and Monitor CAT-M1 Solar Tracking Unit - Cat M1 technology on the Telstra Mobile Network.



Telstra offers around 3 million square kilometres of Cat M1 coverage on the Telstra IoT Network, which is Australia’s largest, ready built low power wide area (LPWA) footprint.


What if the device does not have sufficient network coverage?

The device will store its location and condition, as per its agreed frequency, and upload these to Telstra when it obtains coverage.


How do I log onto the Telstra Track and Monitor Portal?

The Telstra Track and Monitor portal is secured for your organisation using Your Telstra Tools. When logging on directly to https://trackandmonitor.telstra.com you will be redirected to Your Telstra Tools to logon with your Telstra identity. On successful logon you will be returned to the Telstra Track and Monitor Portal.


How do I get access to the portal?

Each organisation has one or more representatives that grant access to Telstra services via Your Telstra Tools. If you are unable to locate the authorised representatives for your organisation through your organisations support channels, Telstra can help. Call 1800 017 353, Monday – Friday 8.30am – 6.00pm AEST. 


I have forgotten my Telstra Username or Password. What do I do?

Use the ‘Forgot links’ on Your Telstra Tools, to retrieve and reset your credentials.


I’d like to integrate my assets tracking data into my own system. Where can I get information on the API’s available?

Enterprise API’s are published for use via TelstraDev. https://dev.telstra.com/

Initial Setup


You’ve received your delivery of trackers from Telstra, and successfully logged onto the Track and Monitor Portal. Each of your trackers is already on boarded to your organisation. Where you are using the Telstra Track and Monitor Portal you will need to pair the asset to the tracker within the portal.


What is the Tracker ID?

The Tracker ID is the unique identifier of the Tracker. For your CAT-M1 Solar Tracking Unit, this is the IMEI number as listed on the barcode.


What is my Asset ID?

The Asset ID represents your organisations own identifier or name for the asset you will track. Telstra require this to be unique within your Track and Monitor solution. Everything else is up to you. Your organisation may already have unique serial numbers, or asset numbers.


Pairing an Asset with its Device in the Portal

Once you’ve physically attached the device and asset there are two ways to pair.

  1. Pair Individually
    1. Search for Track ID
    2. Click the edit icon.
    3. Update the Asset ID field. This will be validated for uniqueness. Click apply.
  2. Pair in bulk
    1. Download the CSV template which is pre-populated with your Tracker ID’s.
    2. Populate your Asset ID’s into the template.
    3. Upload the completed template.
    4. If any errors on individual records are found, all successful records will be uploaded. Download the file of error records to correct just these records and reload.

CAT M1 Solar Tracking Unit Troubleshooting Steps


My tracking unit doesn’t seem to be working. How can I troubleshoot for errors?

You can assess whether your powered on tracking unit is reporting any errors via the power button.

  1. Press and hold the power button for 2-5 seconds. Release when the blue LED illuminates.
  2. If there are any errors, the LED will flash red, green or blue a number of times, followed by a 3s pause. Where multiple errors exist, it will continue to flash the next error.
  3. Look up the error(s) in the table below.

Note you can see the errors again by repeating steps 1 – 3.


LED Colour

Flash Count





SIM Error

Contact Telstra support


No Network

Check if the tracking unit is in an area with Telstra 4G mobile coverage.

Coverage can also be checked via the Telstra Internet of Things coverage map on Telstra.com.



Unable to register with network

Contact Telstra support


Service activation error

Contact Telstra support


Service sync failure

Contact Telstra support



GPS signal too weak

Face the GPS antenna towards the sky. This is the case if the solar panel is faced towards the sky or the solar panel is vertical, with the power button faced down.  Take the device outside with an unobstructed view of the sky. Retest.



Battery too low to transmit

Charge device

No LED flash

Battery too low to transmit

Charge device

No LED flash

Tracking unit fault

Contact Telstra support