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Teletrac Navman FAQs

by Community Manager on ‎03-05-2018 11:21 PM - edited on ‎04-05-2018 09:35 AM by Community Manager

Q – Who is Teletrac Navman?
A – Teletrac Navman is a global telematics company that specialises in Global Positioning System (GPS) fleet management solutions for small and medium businesses through to enterprise sized organisations. In 2015, Navman Wireless merged with GPS fleet tracking company Teletrac, Inc., to become one of the world’s largest telematics organisations. Teletrac Navman provides devices that collect GPS data generated by your vehicle or asset to help you make better business decisions to increase the efficiency, productivity and safety of your fleet or assets.

Q - What is GPS?
A - A GPS receiver utilises 4 or more satellites to deduce the global location of a particular item. Teletrac Navman uses this location technology to accurately track vehicles and assets such as containers and trailers.


Q - How accurate is the Teletrac Navman solution?

A - The Teletrac Navman solution is very accurate as it uses the GPS network which is capable of reporting a vehicle’s position to within a few metres.


Q - What are the benefits of using a Teletrac Navman GPS solution?

A - By using a Teletrac Navman GPS tracking solution, it can assist you in increasing productivity and reducing operating costs through the better management of your fleet assets. In addition, the solution can help you save money on fuel, improve your customer experiences and help to better manage fleet maintenance costs.


Q – Why do I need GPS Tracking?

A – A GPS tracking solution is an ideal solution for small and medium sized businesses right through to enterprise sized organisations with valuable assets. It allows you to track these assets, such as important vehicles or standalone valuables.


Q – What are the main industries that will benefit the most from implementing a Teletrac Navman Solution?

A – Teletrac Navman is generally suited for businesses in the transportation, logistics, mining, construction, Government and service type industries.


Q- Why should I buy Teletrac Navman through Telstra over other GPS fleet management companies?

A – The combination of Teletrac Navman’s scalable and customisable solutions and Australia’s largest mobile network enable you to integrate with compatible existing business applications utilising the Teletrac Navman API’s. To cater for businesses operating out of remote communities, they even have a range of satellite communication solutions. Teletrac Navman has also been a Telstra Gold partner since 2008 and their devices rigorously tested and approved for use on the Telstra network.


Q - What makes Teletrac Navman different from other fleet tracking and asset companies?

A - Teletrac Navman offers a broad range of hardware and software solutions, and is a leading telematics solution provider in the Australian market. They have on shore Australian technical support and a network of Australian based dealers around the country to ensure that you always get local customer support.


Q - How will I know which Teletrac Navman solution is best for my business?

A – Contact your Telstra sales representative, who can demonstrate the various Teletrac Navman hardware and software solutions that are available. Telstra and Teletrac Navman staff have many years of experience and will work with you in the decision making process to provide a solution to best meet your needs.


Q - Do I need any special software installed on my computer in order to take full advantage of the GPS solutions offered by Teletrac Navman?

A - Yes, you will need to purchase the Teletrac Navman Director software as part of your solution, and Teletrac Navman login details will also be required. Teletrac Navman’s software is internet based so you don’t need to download an application to your desktop or laptop. An online application is also available for download so you can login and see your vehicles and assets on mobile devices. This software is supplied by Teletrac Navman.


Q - Do I have to pay for software updates every time Teletrac Navman introduces a new feature to the platform?

A - No, your monthly subscription fee includes all new features added to the Director software.


Q - Does the hardware that you sell come in different configurations and sizes?

A – Yes. There are different types of hardware available depending on your individual business fleet tracking requirements. All Teletrac Navman hardware supplied by Telstra is also Telstra network approved.


Q - How does the GPS hardware deliver information to the management software?

A - Utilising GPS, the solution can determine where your vehicle or asset is located and it then sends this data back to the Director software or Next Gen module via the Telstra mobile and/or satellite network. Depending on the solution you choose, it may also be able to send messages or forms to the driver of that vehicle, messages, and pre-tip forms or send important alerts to the driver of that vehicle about their rest breaks or jobs.


Q - Are the various hardware solutions easy to install and maintain?

A – Yes, but if you prefer to have your solution professionally installed, Teletrac Navman has a national network of approved installers who provide hardware installation and maintenance services. Note that the standard means of installation is via the installation options listed on the Telstra Application Form. Please speak to your Telstra representative for further information and availability.


Q - What are some of the unique customisations that are offered through the Director software utilised by Teletrac Navman?

A - The Director software is feature rich. Customers can choose to access the information on their fleet or assets which are most relevant to their business. For example, if managing a fleet you might be interested in information about driver behaviour or if you are a construction site manager you might be interested in understanding where your front wheel loader is located and if it’s being utilised. Director software has 150+ reports available.


Q - Does Teletrac Navman offer any other integration options?

A - Yes. Teletrac Navman has a dedicated team who are able to assist with integrated solutions. Speak to a Telstra representative for further information.


Q - Who installs the equipment in the vehicle?

A – Teletrac Navman has a network of Teletrac Navman certified hardware installers located around Australia who have been trained to install Teletrac Navman devices in vehicles.


Q - Is there a warranty period for Teletrac Navman hardware?

A – Yes. The Teletrac Navman hardware come with a 3 year warranty, please see Part D – Data - Our Customer Terms for further information.


Q - How often does the GPS data get updated/refreshed?

A – Teletrac Navman GPS data gets updated on the network every 60 seconds (every 30 minutes when your vehicle ignition is switched off), although this can in some instances be changed to occur more frequently if required. The map, therefore, displays a near real-time picture of where all your vehicles are at any point in time.


Q - Can I get an immediate alert every time drivers leave/arrive home or a particular site?

A - Teletrac Navman Director software has a live sites feature, where you can set alerts to notify you when vehicles or assets either enter or leave certain geographic locations or areas of importance.


Q – Am I able to see what route my vehicles took?

A - Yes, Teletrac Navman uses Google maps so you can easily see the route your vehicles have taken. If you would like a more detailed view you can use the reporting suite to view different reports about your fleet.


Q - Can I see how long they stopped/idled for at a particular time/place?

A - Yes, Teletrac Navman reports back information every 60 seconds whilst the vehicle ignition is switched on (every 30 minutes, when the key is out of the ignition) and provides a snail trail and other detailed reporting showing speeds, including idling with ignition on and stopped with engine off.


Q - Is the Teletrac Navman device hardware wired in the vehicle or asset – can drivers find and remove them?

A - Depending on the application, some tracking hardware is hardwired behind the dashboard, so it’s not visible to the driver or anyone else entering the vehicle. Asset tracking devices are in some cases installed with industrial magnets and cannot be easily removed or tampered with.


Q - Do I need to purchase a server?

A- No, All the information is managed by Teletrac Navman and stored in secure AWS Australian data centres.


Q - How long does it take to install a Teletrac Navman Solution?

A - An average vehicle installation takes approximately 1 to 2 hours for a basic tracking installation in a metro area.


Q – Which geographical locations do Teletrac Navman installers work in?

A – Teletrac Navman have accredited installation technicians spread all around Australia that can install hardware in vehicles or assets. Additional charges may apply for complex or regional installations. See the installations options on the Application Form for more details.


Q - How often are the maps in Director software updated with new roads/postcodes etc.?

A – The maps and associated information get updated in near real time so the navigation information that you are using is always up to date.


Q - Does Teletrac Navman work with Satellite communication?

A - Some Teletrac Navman hardware can also operate on the Iridium satellite network should a customer operate in areas with limited Telstra Mobile Network coverage.


Q - What happens after my Teletrac Navman contract period expires?

A - This depends on the terms of your contract, please speak to your Telstra representative for further information.


Q - Can Teletrac Navman solution improve FBT reporting?

A - Yes the Teletrac Navman FBT solution can help you simplify your FBT reporting processes. Drivers are able to indicate their trip purpose using their MNav device and this is accessible as a trip report in the Director software. The Teletrac Navman FBT solution has an ATO class ruling.


Q - What is the typical order process?

A - A Telstra sales representative will work with you to help you bring together a Teletrac Navman solution that works best for your business needs and then prepare a contract for you to sign. Once you have signed the relevant paperwork a Teletrac Navman representative or authorised dealer will work with you to arrange the installation of the hardware in your vehicles and provide relevant training and support.


Q – What is Fuel Tax Credit Manager (FTC Manager) software?

A - Fuel Tax Credit Manager is a solution that helps you collect data that you can use for fuel tax credit claims. It utilises GPS location data to track vehicle activity – on and off the public road network. It automatically calculates off-road travel, off-road idle and auxiliary fuel use to help you collect data that you can use for fuel tax rebates. FTC Manager helps you save valuable time, minimises paperwork and guesswork.


Q – How does the Teletrac Navman Heavy Vehicle Compliance software assist me?

A – Having an understanding of how your business is operating is important in you mitigating risk. The Heavy Vehicle Compliance Assistant hardware and software provides users, such as drivers through to dispatchers and operators, data into driving behaviour and fatigue and assists you handle certain areas of risk.